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May The Force Be With You

May The Force Be With You

For today – you’re getting snippets from two AU Cody/Obi-Wan Afternoon Fics I’m working on!

Rise Up

“How is he doing?” Cody kept his eyes on their sleeping General.  He was concerned at the length of time Obi-Wan was under.  The man needed sleep, but he knew what drugs could do long term, especially on a Force Sensitive.

Snap, the 212th’s medic, checked the General’s vitals.  “For the first time since I’ve corralled him into the Medbay, all of his wounds are healing.  I’ve made sure someone is here with him at all times.  Especially those he’s close with.  Wooley has been reading some history of a dead civilization to him, I’m sure when he wakes up he’ll geek out over the whole thing.  Boil bitches at him about Waxer’s tooka, and of course Waxer brings said tooka who likes to curl against the General and purr, which I noticed calms him down.”

“Waxer has a tooka?”  Cody gave the medic a side-eye

“I have no idea, but the supposed tooka is helping keep the General calm.”  Snap returned the side-eye.  “Crys rambles about what’s going on the ship.  Longshot, likes to do those cadet coloring books while just being here.  Opera has taken to singing a variety of popular songs and some lullabies.  And yesterday I caught Gregor napping, he kept his hand on the General’s arm, just so he knew he was here.”

“Any word from your fellow medics?”  Cody set his bucket on the table next to the bed, then settled in the chair taking his cyare hand.  It felt so small, fragile.  Yet he knew the power those hands wheeled, had seen him wipe out clankers, with just a wave.  

“The 104th, 91st, and 327th, have checked in.   And from what I’ve heard, Wolffe is in full growly mode, Bly is in hyper aware mode, and the amount of caf Ponds is drinking isn’t healthy.”

Cody couldn’t help the small smile.  “The 501st?”

“I couldn’t get a hold of Kix, but I know he was working double time on the de-chipping program, especially as half the unit went with Rex and the Commander.”  Snap sighed, setting his datapad down, and looked at their Commander.   

He was more than just the Field Marshall Commander of the GAR, he led the Vod.  Some had taken to calling him Vod’alor, their version of the Mand’alor.  Though so far no one had called him that to his face, Cody wasn’t quite ready for that announcement.   At the moment keeping everything under the GAR hierarchy was likely leaving him in a steady state, and Snap wasn’t going to upset the precious balance.

“How will you wake him up?”  Cody ran a hand over the dull red hair.  

It had been vibrant when they first saw the General.  It had been such a unique color, that it caught everyone’s attention.  In the past three years, Cody had watched Obi-Wan lose weight he didn’t have to lose, become more withdrawn, tired to the point of beyond exhaustion, and on an edge no one wanted him to cross. 

Snap gave Cody a half smile.  “The plan is not to wake him up until we’re secured in the new location.  You will need to be there when he wakes up, I’ll be back up.”  

They might want to bring in the tooka just in case.  The General wouldn’t do anything to hurt an innocent creature, and if they just had Waxer sitting nearby with the tooka, or better yet sitting in his lap … the tooka not Waxer, he liked the annoying git he kept Boil under control, and didn’t want the Commander doing damage.

As his medic, Snap knew more about the General than most of the Vod.  He had access to medical files that had been horrifying and had him contacting the Jedi Healers to make sure he had the right files.  

Healer Bant Eerin had been the most insightful, and the two conspired from the beginning to better feed and water one High General.  It was her notes that gave him the right amount of sedatives that wouldn’t hurt the Jetii.  

When she asked why, Snap had a nice long lunch with her at Dex’s, the Vods favorite let’s talk in private place.  Dex loved Obi-Wan and would never betray him.  Though he gave them fair warning, if at any point anything they were conspiring would hurt the Jetii, they would be dealing with him.

And, no one dared cross him.

“Healer Bant has left Coruscant, with medical supplies and from the last communication she picked up a few tagalongs, ones she trusts, a few may be batch mates with the General.  She is on the way to the rendezvous point.”  Snap ran a hand along his face, he was tired, all of them were tired.

“Crechemates.”  Cody stated, not looking at the medic, his focus on Obi-Wan.  “They were raised together in the Jetii creche.  I wonder which ones, I know General’s Luminera and Vos are two of them, along with the Jetii Medic, not sure who the others were.”

“Last I checked, Ponds was dealing with Gree, who works with General Luminera.  I could contact him, see if there is any information.”

The General shifted, hands jerking in his sleep as if trying to get away from an unknown threat.  Cody gently took his hands, kissing them softly.  “It’s okay cyar’ika you are safe here.”  He kept muttering soft words, a few in Mand’o, until he calmed and went back into a restful slumber.  “I hate to leave him, but there’s still so much to do.”

“Waxer and his not tooka are due in a few moments.”  Snap gave him a half smile, ignoring Cody’s eyeroll, just before he slipped on his bucket.  “I’ve got watch, Commander, no one is getting to him, not while I’m alive.”

As he left, Waxer was coming down the hallway with a bright orange tooka, he tried to hide it behind his back, but the tail was sticking out the side, and the ears over his shoulder.  Cody ignored them and headed for the bridge.  

“We made it!”  Waxer whispered to the animal, and just before the Medic door closed.  “Don’t tell him about your sister.”

Cody sighed, took calm breaths the last thing he needed to worry about was a tooka or three.   He knew Obi-Wan had a soft spot for Waxer, ever since Umbara.  It was the moment that sealed the deal for the 212th and especially Ghost, that they would do whatever it took to protect their General, as he did the same for them.


“I challenge you Jetii.”

Fett was in a tight spot, he couldn’t deny Vizsla, but at the same time getting your son’s fianceé killed wasn’t a good way to start peace talks.

Obi-Wan shifted slightly, catching Kote’s attention, he gave a small questioning head tilt.  Kote bit back the smirk, and gave a barely there affirmative nod.

“I accept.”

The room went completely silent.

Pre looked down at Obi-Wan who was still sitting in his chair completely relaxed.  “No magic.”

“All else goes?”  He asked with an air of a man who had done this before.

Jango stood, giving Vizsla Clan a hard look.  “No interference, this is between Kenobi and Pre.”

The room was thirsty for blood.

Obi-Wan, who still hadn’t moved, noticed money exchanging hands.   He also wasn’t blind to see some of Pre’s men were moving into position.  He had to give Jango some respect, if Pre or his men killed him, he could wipe out Vizsla clan for taking out his son’s betrothed then hand the heads over to the Jedi.

If Obi-Wan survives, well he would have to deal with that later.

Pre pulled the knife out of the table, took a few steps back twilling it in his hands, egging Obi-Wan to attack.  

With one last glance at Kote, Obi-Wan stood using his memento to slam the chair backwards into one of Vizsla’s men who was coming up behind him.  He then grabbed one of the heavy silver trays, and with one step slid into Pre’s defense using the item as a shield pushing the knife away from him, then pulled it around following through the swing slamming the heavy object into the side of Pre’s helmet.  When the man shook his head, Obi-Wan stepped back, pulled his leg up and kicked him straight into the chest, sending Pre back a few feet. 

He turned and shifted the tray to block the second knife from another man, this one almost twice the size of Obi-Wan.  Taking a couple of steps back, he threw the tray like a disc, sending it straight for the vulnerable section between the waist and groan, making the man grunt at the impact.

It gave him time to grab the downed chair, flip it around feet first and rushed the big guy, with a sharp kick knocking the man’s feet out from underneath him, the two went down.  Obi-Wan on top of the chair, the other pinned.

He followed the momentum, the back of the chair slammed into the guy’s chest, letting Obi-Wan roll off and back onto his feet.   This time he grabbed one of the serving forks, flinging it behind him, he heard the yelp of the first guy he had taken out.  

Obi-Wan sighed when he saw at least two more waiting, both holding daggers.  He could pull his own weapons, but the last thing he wanted was for the Mandalorians to know he had been armed this whole time.

He held up his hand as if asking them to hold for a moment.  

Turned back to the table, gave everyone a quick bow.  “Excuse me I’m going to need this.”  With a flair of dramatic he pulled the tablecloth off the table, leaving behind all the trays, utensils, plates, and decorations standing in their original position.

He twisted the cloth securing each end in both of his hands.   They attacked at the same time, Obi-Wan watched intently, before he stepped to the left, whipped the cloth outwards, startling the one in front of him, forcing him to dodge out of the materials’ way.   Before he could counter Obi-Wan’s move, the material ended up wrapped around his wrist.   The first tug had him off balance, a secondary pull had him being yanked away from the table, and with the last twist, he fell flat on his face.

Obi-Wan let go of one end of the material, pulling it back towards him.  He gave the second fighter a smirk, then wink.  The man growled and rushed him directly.  The Jedi slid into his defense, used the material to deflect the knife, then took the advantage that this particular attacker wasn’t wearing his helmet.   In an instant he let go of the material, gave the guy a hard right, followed by a stinging backhand, then finished him off with a powerful left.

He stood in the middle of the room, at least two men down at his feet, the third had pushed the chair away from him and scrambled to get up using the item for support, a fourth found a seat and was pulling out a serving fork from his upper thigh.   


In an instant, he turned dogging the first swipe of the knife, then reached out and grabbed Pre’s wrist pulled him in close, as he pushed down, he used the man’s leg as a launching pad, and lifted himself up so he could wrap his own leg around the large neck, then used the momentum to twist them around 180 and forced Pre to the floor face first, while he landed on his feet.

He casually kicked the knife away, and ran a hand through his hair as if he had taken a simple stroll through the gardens.  

Obi-Wan turned to face Jango.  “Well that was entertaining.  If the Mand’alor doesn’t mind I would like to retire early.”

Jango gave him a nod, along with a hand wave.  

Obi-Wan bowed, then with a grace very few could match, he walked out of the dining room.  The guards opened the door, both bowing respectfully.   He should thank Pre for being an asshole, because of his attack Obi-Wan had proven he was just as much a warrior as the rest of them.


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    The man adores Tookas and fights dirty using tablecloths… What’s not to love?
    Yay, Obi-wan, you one BAMF Jetti!!
    Loved them! May the 4th be with you, always..
    —Naj 😀 😀 ♥️♥️

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