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International Axe Throwing Day

International Axe Throwing Day

And what better to celebrate Axe Throwing Day!  Sylum Snippet!

It had been a while since Abraham had actually used his axe, for sport instead of hunting Rogues down.  There were also not many Vampire Hunters that used an axe for hunting so it was nice to discuss aspects of the weapon with others.

Paul Bunyon was as famous as Abraham himself.  Though most believed Paul was mere legend, a folktale to teach children lessons.   His Mate held the same mythical stance in the making of the American history.

“Mr. President.”  Bunyan gave him a large grin.

“Embracing the image I see.” He glanced at the jeans, flannel shirt, and red suspenders, topped with an old fashion red beannie.

“I’m sure you can understand.”  Paul pointedly looked at his top hat.

“Americans.”  The Huntsman grumbled as he walked by, wearing jeans and simple sweater, blondish hair pulled into a ponytail.  “I thought we were here for some competition, not comparing wardrobes.”

“Like I’m going to let a German intimidate me.”

“You know I’m better.”

“Bring it.”  Paul winked, at him as he made his way towards the targets.

All three men were very good with throwing an axe, they all had their own style, and type of axe.  The Huntsman glanced at Bunyon who rolled his eyes at Abraham’s tricks.  “Fancy.”  Paul waved his arms around.  “Though I’m not stupid enough to role a sharp object around my neck, not wanting to accidentally decapitate myself.”

Lincoln laughed, as he pulled the weapon to his side.  “Well I’ve had a slight moderated one, handle’s longer.”

“I do agree with the shotgun addition.”  The Huntsman had to admit.

All three startled when a tomhawk flew in between, landing on the bullseye of the target, they glanced over to see Henry, standing there … well more like Connor Kenway.

“Well things just got interesting.”


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