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Guest Post: Happy Birthday US Navy by Max

Guest Post: Happy Birthday US Navy by Max

On October 13th, 1775 the United States Navy was founded by the Continental Congress. On that day Congress approved two vessels to be armed. Those vessels would then search and destroy vessels bringing the British supplies. Following the end of the American Revolution, the Continental Navy was disbanded but it was quickly reestablished as the United States Navy to combat the growing piracy problem on the seas. Now the United States Navy has more the 200 ships but the main mission remains the same ‘​defend freedom and democracy around the world’. That mission is fulfilled in many ways we still perform antipiracy operations just like our founders but we perform them both on the seas and the cybersphere. Among the US Navy’s other main missions are to support our Marine brothers and sisters in their ground and aerial operations.

Today on the 243rd birthday of the United States Navy I ask that you send a prayer up for the Sailors. For one thing that has not changed, and hopefully with never change, is that the sea can be as cruel as she is beautiful and it is perfect.

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