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Family: A Time for War

Family: A Time for War



Title:  A Time for War

Author: Bj Jones

Creative Consultant: Timothy Quinn

Beta: Gil & Janet

Author’s Note: To understand some history that will come to play in this series you must have read To Race Through Dark Places and Demons and Angels. There are key plot points inside these stories that will be seen within this Arc.

2nd Author’s Notes: There have been subtle and major changes made within this Arc since it was last posted.  You will need to re-read to understand the changes within the Sylum Universe.

Artist: Taibhrigh

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  1. Oh my oh my. I didn’t believe you could make it better, different yes, but better also! I salute you! thank you guys so much for sharing and putting this altogether for those of us who love the arc so much! Wow! and again WOW!

  2. Dana

    Wow. Still emotional and riveting! While I knew the deaths were coming, they still brought tears to the eyes. Can’t wait till you finish this, then take us on new journies with Evolution. Thank you for the fantastic ride!

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