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Family: A Time For Every Matter Under Heaven

Family: A Time For Every Matter Under Heaven





Title:  A Time For Every Matter Under Heaven

Author: Bj Jones

Creative Consultant: Timothy Quinn

Beta: Gil & Janet

Author’s Note: To understand some history that will come to play in this series you must have read To Race Through Dark Places and Demons and Angels. There are key plot points inside these stories that will be seen within this Arc.

2nd Author’s Notes: There have been subtle and major changes made within this Arc since it was last posted.  You will need to re-read to understand the changes within the Sylum Universe.

Artist: Taibhrigh

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  1. Man, I can’t even read this right now! I knew I shouldn’t have checked to see if it was here! And it is and I am working on a project with a deadline and my boss is here. DANG!!!!!!!!

    Thank you guys for this! I really needed this. What I am looking forward to as a change? I haven’t any idea, I think it is all the possibilities I can think of and you guys usually come up with something so much better!!!!

  2. Ginger

    Is it me or the webpage flickers whenever you scroll up and down to read? 🙁 Just want to say that I have been waiting for the re-post for a very long time eagerly now 😀

    1. Bj Jones

      It hasn’t done that for me – I use Chrome so not sure if its browser. Also could be your brightness setting I it’s to high or resolution

      Glad your enjoying the reporting 🙂

  3. Angela

    Where can I find the story Demons and Angels? I found the other one you mentioned but can’t find it. I’m in the process of re-reading Arcs 1 & 2 before I re-read #3 and I want to make sure I read those as well!!

    1. Bj Jones

      Demons and Angels can be found with the Advent Stories.

      Look at tags for Sylum Advent or Creative Consultant: Timothy Quinn – both will pull up the Post for Demons an Angels. Which will link you to Advent: It’s the first story.

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