Coffee House Friday

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Favorite Holiday snacks?

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4 Responses to Coffee House Friday

  1. Paula Cas says:

    Any kind of shortbread, Lintz cookies, fudge, lemon bars … Let’s just say there’s not much I won’t eat. I even like the whiskey fruit cake we used to make. Of course, you wrapped in whiskey soaked cheesecloth, which you doused every so many days for a month. LOL

  2. d kallio says:

    my favorite? my daughter’s deviled eggs

  3. Sonia Costoya Rodriguez says:

    Pop corn, salt and pepper chips, fried pistachio, Cajun nuts, pretzels… Basically salted and spicy things.

  4. taibhrigh Resident Artist says:

    Garrett’s CheeseCorn and Southern Candymakers Pralines … or wait, you said holiday… whatever.

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