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Clan Location: Medjai

Clan Location: Medjai


Clan Medjai, the oldest Clan in the series.

Though the image and main location is labeled as Cairo, truthfully no one really knows exactly where the main location for the Medjai are located. 

Being the oldest Clan, they are securly hidden away in the deserts of the Egypt.  This is how they’ve kept an ancient society a secret along, with old artifacts.  

Those who have lived and been a part of the Medjai know how to get to the Oasis, the rest will they have to know someone.

Of course there’s the few who tease others with the concept that … one most walk into the desert, when can’t walk anymore, keep walking and when collapse of exhaustion hope the Medjai find you. 

They do have establishments outside the desert.  The main one being in Cairo.  Plus secondary homes in Morocco, Libya, and on the West Coast of Africa.

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  1. najean1

    I have always loved the on the histories and historical novels I’ve read, they were always depicted as the Elite Guard of the Pharoahs.
    I think having Guard full of Vampires was a good thing. Thank the gods they rebelled against the Goa’uld!
    —-Naj <3<3

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