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Afternoon Fic: The Dragon General (Part Twenty-Three)

Afternoon Fic: The Dragon General (Part Twenty-Three)

Part One

Part Twenty-Two

The moment Papaltine showed himself as the Sith the LAATs were moving towards the area.  “Commander, Captain, I want you to rendezvous with Commander Cody.  Do not engage with the Sith, let us handle it.”

“Sir.”  Ponds tilted his head as his vod chatted away.  “There seems to be an issue with General Kenobi.”

“What?”  Mace focused on his commander.

“Something about not shooting the lizard, I’m not getting any more information out of Kote or Fox.”  He sounded frustrated.  “Sir, do you know what any of that means.”

“Kriff!”  He glanced out the LAAT, as they approached.  He could see Obi-Wan running around in Dragon form, only to stare in shock when Papaltane transformed.  “Kriffing Sith.  I’m so done with this kriffing war, and being manipulated by kriffing politicians who want to take over the kriffing universe.  I need a Force damn vacation when this is kriffing over!”

“Tell us how you really feel, sir.”  Fives gave him a thumbs up.

Mace glanced at Ponds, unclipped his lightsaber and handed it to him.  “Ponds, I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you sooner.  You deserved a nice chat over caf, then being tossed into this shit.  Hell, all of you deserved kriffing better.”  He leaned back into the LAAT, yelling up at the pilot.  “Get me as close to the Dragons as you can.”

Ponds clipped the lightsaber to his belt, not quite sure what was going on, but really really hated that the di’kuts from Torrent seem to be in on the whole thing.  “Sir?” Mace patted him on the shoulder, gave him a manic grin then jumped out the LAAT.  “SIR!?”

“What?  Your General has never jumped out of a LAAT right into the middle of a battle?”  Echo asked nonchalantly.

“Usually he had his lightsaber, and didn’t turn into a giant …”  He waved his hand at the large black creature that was quickly descending to the ground, until his wings unfolded to help slow his landing.

“Dragon,” Rex answered.  “He’s a badass Dragon, as is General Kenobi.”

He leaned out the LAAT.  “Sir!  We’re having words later!”

Mace smirked at hearing his Commander, he was pretty sure Ponds was going to give him an ear full, it was also a high chance the Council would be right behind him.  Only Depa, Yoda and Koon had known about him and Obi-Wan … well now it would seem not just the Jedi will know, but the whole universe.

He landed directly in front of his friend, from a nudge in the Force, he knew his fellow Dragon was fine, just stunned.

“Palpatine.”  Mace growled teeth bared, wings spread out protecting Obi-Wan.

He had finally got a good look at the Dragon in front of him.

He was old, maybe one of the oldest on record, possibly dated back to the Sith and Jedi Wars.  He was bulky, but not tall.  The skin was greyish, with blue veins running across the back, and down the legs to his feet, which were designed for stomping.  He was a ground Dragon, no wings, but his tail was thick and could easily destroy anything that got in its way.

He was one ugly bastard.

The large Dragon startled at first, then laughed.  “How many evil creatures are the Jedi hiding?  This will make destroying the Jedi so much more enjoyable.”  Electricity spread across the bay floor as one of Dragon’s paws slammed into the ground.

Mace reared up, wings out and claws grabbing a hold of Obi-Wan to protect him from the attack.  He was able to move the smaller Dragon onto one of the walkways, away from the Sith, noticing instantly the 212th was moving into a protective line.  He settled in front of the Sith, and with a snarl he spat out purple globs of acid.  Paplatine screamed as a few of them hit, burning through the plated skin.

Kote moved Ghost Company around their General, ordering them to protect him to the best of their ability.  Wooley, along with Mythic, plus some of the shinies, made their way towards the Dragon.  He saw Snap checking on men who had fallen, yelling for stretchers, to get them out of harm’s way.  It wouldn’t take long before the medic made his way to his least favorite patient.

The Jedi began to disembark from their LAATs and surrounded the fighting Dragons.

At the moment, no one knew exactly what to do.  The creatures were massive, and getting between the fight wasn’t an option.

Skywalker headed straight for Kote, with Rex, Ponds, Fives, and Echo covering his rear.  “The Jedi Masters are surrounding the area, they are going to use Mace as a distraction.  Setting up small attacks against the ugly bastard, aiming to incapacitate.”

“That’s not going to work.”  Kote could see the benefits, but the attack was too small, let alone any one of the Jedi could get stepped on at any given moment.  This wasn’t something he trained for, they didn’t have modules on how to work a battle around raging Dragons. He was going to work one up after this, and make sure the men train with the General.

“I know that.”  Skywalker gave him a smirk, the one that usually meant something was going to blow up, but this time … this time Kote was okay with blowing osik up.  “That thing has the ability to zap anyone with electricity, and has skin made of armor.  A lightsaber is not getting through its hide, but they can keep the sleemo distracted while we fire up the weapons on the Negotiator.  Is it operational?”

“Grannet sent me the all clear.”  Block answered, taking point next to the Commander.  His uniform jacket was missing, along with his hat.  There were some smudges across his face, and a makeshift bandage adorned his arm.  “Weapons will be fully operational in a few moments.  Target is ready, and knows to aim for the ugly one.”

“I’ve got men protecting the General, plus coordinated with Fox to get as many vode along the edges of the dock.  We can focus all our fire power onto The Chancellor…”

There was a large crash that shook the area.  Kote looked over to see the Sith shake his head, then slowly stood back up.  The damage to the wall was massive, the Dragon was barely phased.  With a growl it charged Master Windu, sending him halfway down the bay.

“The moment you can, take the shot!” Kote ordered.

They could hear the wine of the weapons as they came online, as did the Sith.  It’s armour and bulkiness was a disadvantage when he needed to move fast.  One shot slid across it’s back, the second at its feet, the third hit him square on.

Everyone held their breath.

No way it would be that easy.

The Chancellor slowly got back onto his feet, shook the debris off the body, then turned towards the Negotiator.  With a deep angry roar, he charged the wall where Kote and Skywalker stood.

“Focus all firepower!” Kote ordered as he lifted his own weapon, aiming at the advancing creature.  His vode stood their ground next to him, staring down the Sith, ready to give their lives if need be.

Anakin Skywalker was not going to lose any of his men to the whim of a power hungry greedy old sleemo.  He threw his hands out, opening himself to the Force, as he worked on pushing the creature away.  He focused, for once not on the unfairness of his life, the anger he had towards those who wronged him, or the fear of losing his men, Padawan, Master … instead he remembered when he saw the Dragon for the first time, moments when he curled up with Padmé on the couch, 501st Storytime, learning Vaapad with Mace, how proud he was of Ahsoka, and letting himself feel the men’s love for each other, especially Kote, the brightest of them all, his strength and devotion to his vode and Obi-Wan.

He closed his eyes, embraced his Master’s love for him, then pushed.

The Chancellor snarled, at the invisible wall slowing his attack.

How dare that stupid child think he could fight him, who had no idea the power of the darkside.

He had plans for Skywalker, and the idiot was throwing it all away to save those pathetic clones.

Adjusting the attack, he turned away from a frontal assault, swung his tail around and slammed it into the wall, destroying the structure instantly.  He relished in the fear, death, and destruction.

Anakin panicked when the wall gave out from under his feet.  His focus shifted to grab a hold of as many of the men as he could, fear began to creep in when he felt them dying.  He wasn’t strong enough to save them.  Damn it! He was The Chosen One!  Suddenly, he felt the warm presence of Masters Fisto and Koon.

‘Calm young one.  You don’t have to do this alone.’

Between the three of them they saved as many as they could.  The men lost, were only matching away, not forgotten.

“Report!”  Kote’s controlled calm orders had the men regain their focus on the situation at hand.

“We lost half the wall, a large portion of the men were able to scramble on to other sections that were still standing.”  Fox reported.  “The Big Black Lizard attacked the Chancellor, setting off another Lizard Death Match.  The Jetii are moving along the walls, making sure there isn’t another attack.”

“Target is tracking the ugly Lizard, but he can’t get a clear shot with the Snarling Black one too close.”  Garrnett added to the conversations.

“We have incoming LAAT’s.”  Ponds added, pointing to three more landing at the end of the empty bay.  “Looks like reinforcements.”

“Kote, we’re having words later.” Gree’s gruffer voice came over the comms.  “Get everyone away from the ‘Lizard Death Match’, we’ve got another combiant coming in.”

“More Lizards!”  Fox sounded exasperated.  “Do you know how much paperwork this is going to be?  No seriously, the amount of forms I’m going to fill out because the Chancellor went Lizard and fought a grudge match with other Lizards!”

“Is there a form for that?” Rex asked with a curiosity that wasn’t healthy for Fox.

Fox was ready to shoot his vod and disguise it as part of the ‘Lizard Death Match’, when he saw the ugly one rear back up, focusing on those who had survived the first attack.  “Kote!”  He knew that the Chancellor was aiming for his fellow Commander.

Everyone responded to the warning, weapons raised ready to continue the fight.  Only to hear a growl, and a shadow pass overhead.  Obi-Wan had jumped directly onto the Chancellor’s back, claws digging under the armor, making the Dragon thrash trying to get him off.

“I will not allow you to hurt anymore innocents!”  He growled, as he dug his claws in deeper, pulling at the plating, trying to rip a few of them off.

Mace took the opportunity and charged into the Dragon pushing all of them into one of the corners.   The three crashed around, making the clones and Jedi move quickly out of their way.

The Chancellor swung his tale smacking into Mace, sending him reeling, then slammed Kenobi into the wall, until he jumped off and away.  He growled as the two stood side by side, ready to take him on.  “You think you’re powerful enough to defeat me!  No one can defeat me!  I am all powerful.  The Republic will be mine!”

“Serious with this shit.”  Mace rolled his eyes at the dramatics.  “And I thought Skywalker was over dramatic.”


They ignored the indigent yell from the other side of the bay.

“We got to get to his underbelly.”  Obi-Wan flicked off at least two of the armour plating off his claws.  “This isn’t going to end with an arrest.”

“Kriff no.  I’m done with this bastard.”  Mace snarled, spitting another acid bomb at him, smirking when it hit an area Obi-Wan had ripped off the plating.  “If I get him up onto his hindlegs…”

“I can slice him open.”  Obi-Wan stalked behind Mace, sending a perception of what they were planning to Anakin, who got the message and started sending hand signals to the Jedi and Clones.

Mace crouched down, teeth bared ready for the attack, when a familiar sound reached their ears, one that was completely out of context to the situation.  He paused, along with Obi-Wan to look over to see Yoda walking up the mostly destroyed bay.  His glimmer stick, clicking softly on the metal with each step.

Kote watched as Gree’s men ran along the walls, getting into position.  He waited until the Commander made his way to the small command post they had carved out on the remaining wall, next to the Negotiator.

“Yoda?”  He asked incredulously.  Master Yoda wasn’t found on the battlefield often, but the times he was, he worked with Gree’s 41st Elite Corp.  “I admit the Jetii is very skilled, but…”

“Judge him by his size, do you?”  Gree’s helmet tilted slightly, Kote knew he was getting that look.  “Besides aren’t you in on the whole thing?”

He was thankful for his bucket, as he was sure the amount of blinking would set him up for years of teasing from Gree, not that his vod would need any excuse to torment him.   He snapped a look towards the Dragons, as they all watched Yoda settle in front of them.  “Oh you’ve got to be kriffin’ kidding me.”

“Master Yoda.”  The Chancellor looked down at the small Jedi.  “Have you come to surrender your order.”

His ears flattened, as he sighed and leaned on his stick for support.  “Call upon you to surrender, I am.”

“And if I don’t?”  He sneered at the troll.  “What will you do, I’m more powerful than all of your Jedi.”

Anakin watched the scene playout, not sure what was going on.  He could feel confusion coming from all of the Jedi present.   It would seem no one knew what Yoda was up to, but they were all ready to back one of the oldest Jedi’s in the order.   Matter of fact, the only two who hadn’t seemed shocked were Obi-Wan and Mace, and they were moving in anticipation … of what?

“KRIFFIN HELL!”  Anakin jumped backwards, only to be grabbed by Fives before he fell off the wall, when the largest Dragon he had ever seen was staring down the Chancellor.

It was massive in bulk, similar to the Chancellor in type.  A large center body, with solid feet that could step on one of his starfighters and not notice.  The tail was long, thick but didn’t have the round end like the Chancellor, who used his like a club.   The neck seemed to be long, as the tail as it swung around, large blinking eyes focused on the Sith.

“Totally did not see that coming!”  Rex yelled, stepping back into Kote, who he swore was laughing inappropriately.  His ori’vod may have lost his mind, not that anyone would’ve blamed him.

“Plot twist!”  Boil moved with Waxer as they ran down the wall, to get a better view and to get away from the massive long tail that was swinging towards the wall.  “How the hell does something that big, fit into something that small.”

Kote’s laughter only got worse.

Admiral Block looked over at the Commander, and patted him on the shoulder.  “I feel you.”

Kote sobered up, ignoring Gree’s slaps to his back. “This is something I should’ve known!” He yelled towards his riduur, though doubted he could hear him over the epic ‘Lizard Death Match’ that was going on.

“I quit!” Fox threw his hands up and just watched.  “I’m not cleaning up this mess!”

Obi-Wan used Mace as leverage and jumped onto the wall, ran along its length, then launched himself at the Sith, claws digging into the unprotected sections.   He held on when Mace used the distraction and slammed into the bulky Dragon.

The Jedi and clones could only watch as the fight continued.  There was nothing they could do, but keep it contained, and out of the way.

Rex grabbed Kote’s arm holding him back, when Obi-Wan screamed out in pain.  They could see the electricity zapping at the Dragon’s paws.   The smell of burning flesh was getting Kote more distressed.  Wooley, along with a Mythic, grabbed Snap just in time, before he was off one of the gangplanks.

Even the Jedi were getting frustrated at the lack of being able to help their fellow Jedi.  Koon, along with Fitso reached out towards Obi-Wan, trying to soften the pain and absorb the electricity.

Despite the pain he held onto the bastard.

Mace was using the distraction to push and drag the Sith out of the corner, working to flip him onto his side, but wasn’t able to get the leverage.

Kenobi jumped off the Sith, landed on Mace then lept back onto the wall, and aimed for one of the walkways that was barely attached.  He ran along it, until he could jump on Yoda’s back, who was blocking all attempts for the Chancellor to get away, launched himself at the bastard slamming into his side destabilize him, giving Mace the leverage he needed to get his head under the Sith and flip him onto his back.

He rolled with the Sith, though wasn’t able to get out of the way.  The massive bulk landed on his hindleg, snapping the bone.  Using the last of his strength he pulled himself out from under the downed Dragon, used his front paws to snag the armour plating and yanked, rolling the Sith onto his back, exposing his defenseless underbelly.

Yoda’s large foot stepped on the Chancellor’s chest holding him in place, as his head tilted downwards, a mouth filled with rows of razor sharp teeth, opened wide and bit down on the exposed neck, he gave it a vicious twist … killing the Sith.

The sound of the bones snapping had echoed across the destruction, causing even the hardest of soldiers to cringe.

There was a collective silence, as everyone wondered if it was over, when the body of the Dragon curled into itself, then exploded outwards slamming Obi-Wan into the wall, shoved Mace backwards, it was powerful enough that it even pushed Yoda a few feet.

The backlash in the Force was dark, ripping through the Jedi sending a few to the ground unconscious.  Anakin instinctively threw his hands out, to try and block the darkness as it rushed towards him, seeking a place to manifest.  He felt it swirl around him, offering him ultimate power, all he had to do was to let go …



He suddenly saw her fighting Maul, who was pushing her back while gaining ground.  He couldn’t let this happen.  It was his worst fear, failing someone he was supposed to protect.

‘Skyguy.’  Her tone was sharp, making him focus on her. ‘Look past me, what do you see.’

He blinked, suddenly standing next to his Padawan, looking at the scene before them.  It was Mandalore specifically the Capital City of Sundari … Ahsoka was fighting Maul, but she wasn’t alone.  Rex stood at her back, keeping Death Watch occupied, as was his vod. There was no way to miss the flash of gold that was the 212th mixed in with the blue of the 501st.

Kote was distinct in his armour that symbolized his place next to his Mate, the flash of the Red Dragon painted on his chest.  He was locked in battle with Pre Vizsla … then he heard the roar of a Dragon.

Anakin let go of his fear, the scene faded as the darkness dissipated and disappeared.

He focused on the Dragons, noticing that everything was calm, despite the devastating destruction that had occurred.  Clones and Jedi alike were moving around, shoring up sections that were destroyed, checking on those injured, and securing the area.

Fox was yelling at his men, making sure there was a perimeter to keep out civilians.  It was likely footage of the epic ‘Lizard Death Match’ was already all over the holo-net.

Gree and his men moved straight towards Yoda who was once again in his smaller form.  He sat in the middle of the bay, looking old and worn.  The Commander gently picked him up, wrapped him in his cloak, then headed back to the Temple.   Anakin swore he heard the Commander, promising Yoda some eggs.

He had no doubt that from this moment on, he was never going to look at Yoda the same again.  He couldn’t help but wonder why he wasn’t told, but at this moment it wasn’t important.  Instead he focused on the last two Dragons.

Kote and Ponds were already making their way to the exhausted creatures.  He sat down on the wall, not surprised when Rex and Ahsoka took a seat next to him.  Rex glanced across him to Ahsoka, who gave him a smirk.  Anakin shook his head, “Mandalore?”

Ahsoka leaned against him, while Rex snorted.  “You do realize that Kote is 91% Jango.  Lucky for us it’s the good 91%.”

“Mandalore it is.”  He wasn’t sure how Rex saw the same vision, but he was settled between his Padawan and Captain.  They’ll deal with the next crisis after he had a nap with Padmé.

Obi-Wan decided that laying on the ground was a really good idea.  His paws hurt, hindleg was at an awkward angle, and everything ached.  Mace shuffled towards the smaller Dragon, using his paw to shove the shriveled husk of the Sith to the side.  He flopped down, pulling Obi-Wan closer to him, who just laid his head on his friend’s shoulder.  “Well that was fun.”

“Kriffin’ Sith.”  Mace muttered, laying his head down taking comfort from his fellow Dragon.  “You deal with the Senate, I’ll deal with the Council.”

“I’m just going to send in Kote, let him take over.”  Obi-Wan shifted, head laying across Mace’s neck as he watched his Mate stalk across the bay, he chuckled when Mythic ran up and handed over his robe.

Mythic deserved a promotion.

“Your Mate is a scary bastard.”

“I know, and it’s really hot.”

Mace rolled his eyes, then froze when he noticed Ponds standing in front of him, glaring even if he couldn’t see his face, he could feel his glare.  “Commander.”

“On no, you don’t get to Commander me.”  He reached out and actually poked Mace in the nose.  “You will explain everything, and I mean everything, sir.”

“And you.”  Kote glared up at his Mate.  “Snap is on a rampage, and there isn’t a bacta tank big enough to handle you in this size.”

He rubbed against Mace, sending warmth and calm, as he could feel him panicking.  He glanced at Ponds, just before he transformed back into human.  “Don’t be too hard on him.”

“Once I’m done with this giant di’kut, I’m having it out with my vod.”  He glared at Kote, who ignored him completely.  “So how do you transfer…”

Obi-Wan fell into his Mate’s arms the moment he changed back, groaning in pain as the injuries transferred into his human form.  “I don’t think I’m walking out of here, my dear.”

Kote didn’t hesitate, wrapped him in his cloak, then picked him up.  “Just rest, ner Jetii.”  As the two walked away, Snap walked next to them, giving the General something for the pain, softly lecturing him on being an di’kut for taking on a Sith Dragon of all things.

Ponds focused on his Jedi, who was suddenly standing in front of him naked as the day he was born.  “Sir.”

“Didn’t bring any spare clothes.”  He shrugged, turning to follow the rest of them out of the bay, and back to the Temple.

The man had no shame, and didn’t care that he was completely naked.  Ponds pulled off his bucket and held it to his side covering the General’s bare shebs.  “Tell me.”

“I was born to a Clan of Dragons … “


  1. najean1

    OMG! I did NOT see this coming… This is one of the really great chapters of this story: twists, turns, HUGE surprises and a lot of extremely comedic moments. My favorites are: Anakin using thoughts of love and caring to protect his men and ultimately to fight off the Dark, and Ponds scolding a naked Mace, using his bucket to hide the Jedi’s shebs. But the best moments of all are a tiny Yoda becoming the largest of Dragons, and when the excitement was over, Commander Gree picking up an again tiny Yoda, wrapping him in a cloak and carrying him off to the temple while promising him eggs. I also loved Kote putting Obi-wan over his shoulder and carrying him to the medic.
    Hallelujah! The kriffin Sith/Chancellor is dead — or is he?
    —-Naj ❤❤

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