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Afternoon Fic: The Dragon General (Part Twenty-One)

Afternoon Fic: The Dragon General (Part Twenty-One)

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Admiral Block loved the theatre, he just never thought he would be in the middle of a live performance.  Stage had gone all out, segments of holos sent to the GAR, showing a ship falling apart, clones not in control, and panicked officers.  At this moment, Grannet and Stage had become cohorts in crime, and he swore after the war they were going to start their own production company.

The General had finally explained what exactly had happened, and it made him sick.   Block had watched the clones become their own person, and to take that away … to make them slaves.   Sadly, he knew men like Tarkin would order more, and have no problem throwing the clones at ‘rebels’ as cannon fodder.   To discover that the whole war was a concoction for the Chancellor to gain power, and destroy the Republic, just added to the nightmare.

“Thank you, for telling me.”  He appreciated the soothing calm he knew the Jedi was sending him.  “Sir, we both know there are men on this ship loyal to Tarkin and the likes.   Be assured I had Grannet shutdown all outside communications including personal comms.  So, at least we’ll have the element of surprise.”

“When we land, I want you to keep your men on board…”

Brock stood, and gave the General a scathing expression.  “No offense sir, but that’s not going to happen.  The men I personally chose for my crew, are loyal to the Republic, the 7th Sky, this ship, to me, and the Jedi.  They will not stand back and watch. We may not normally fight, but maybe it’s time we did.”

An hour later the Commander had slipped him a note, letting him know to contact Lieutenant Boil, to get weapons.  There was something different about him, with all of them.  Then again they just had a chip removed from their brains, that was designed to make them slaves.

“Sir, we’re being hailed by the GAR, requesting codes and information.”  Grannet glanced over at the Admiral, a wild look in his eyes.  The sergeant was having way too much fun.

“Make it dramatic.”

“Yes sir.”  The officer may have cackled slightly.  He sent out segments of information, making it look as if they were barely able to get their communications online.  “Stage has set off the special effects around the ship.”

It had been the clone’s idea to make the Negotiator look as if it had taken damage.  Theory being if they had to high tail it out of there, they could with ease.

“Make sure to let them know where we’re landing, we do need all parties to arrive on time.”  Kenobi was enjoying the show, he was very proud of his men.

“General.”  Block glanced over to the Jedi.  “It has been an honor, sir.”

Obi-Wan patted his shoulder.  “No, sacrifices today, Admiral.”

“I’ll remind you of that, sir.”  Kote stood at the main entrance of the bridge waiting to escort Obi-Wan down to the men.

Everyone noticed the new paint job.

Instead of the sunburst, that was the main feature for the war, there was now an outline of a Dragon.  The head rested on his right shoulder, while the body curved down to his left side, ending with the tail curled around his hip.

Obi-Wan gave his Commander a smirk, then chuckled as he shook his head, before focusing back on the Admiral.  “Can I not convince you to stay behind.”

Block just gave him a look, signaled for the men he trusted the most to stay with the clones on the helm.  They knew what to do if everything went to shit.   He took his place at Master Kenobi’s left, while the Commander was on his right.

He was looking forward to the damage the Field Marshal was likely to do.  Ghost Company was right behind them, along with a few of his men.  It shouldn’t take an act of treason to get both sides to work together, but here they were.

As the ramp lowered, he took a deep breath, glanced over at the Commander, who put on his bucket, before the two of them walked down.

Block stopped in front of the Chancellor, who was standing next to General Skywalker.  Behind them was a section of Croscunt Guards.  He discretely tried to check above and to the sides, but he wasn’t in a good spot, there were times he envied the clones’s helmets.

The Admiral did glance at his men, the Commander, and then the clones, before focusing on the situation in front of him.  Though part of him wondered why Waxer had a ball of string painted on his armor…


  1. najean1

    Great chapter! To me the best part (and the whole thing is great!)was the…ball of string painted on Waxer’s armor. LOVED IT!!! **giggle** **snert** **guffaw**
    —-Naj :D:D ❤❤

    Still laughing here….

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