Afternoon Fic: Mac/Danny Sylum Story – Part 6

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Don gave Blade another side-eye, who was trying not to smirk at the situation. Mac ignored all of them, and went to check on Danny. The moment the bathroom closed, he turned on the Hunter. “What the hell was that?”


“Oh fuck me.” Don shook his head, pulling out his phone to text Allan. “I’ll let him know Mac’s address. You really think Danny’s going to Turn him, or are you going to do it.”

“Not getting between a Messer and what he wants.” Blade shrugged, though chuckling softly. “Once he gets his head wrapped around everything, he’s not going to be able to hold back, and I don’t think Mac will stop him.”

“How do you know that?” Don asked with all seriousness. “Mac was married, he lost his wife in 9/11, most who knew him were sure he would never get over her.”

“He shot Sonny.”

“Not surprising when a human is dealing with a Vampire.” Don pointed out, he had seen it a few times in his career.

“Before he knew he was a Vampire.”

Don’s eyes went wide. “Oh… well that changes everything.” He ran a hand through his hair, then glanced at the closed bathroom door. “Go make sure they’re okay, even I heard about Tony turning Jethro in the shower, we should be more civilized.”

Blade laughed loudly as he made his way to the bathroom, ready to pound on the door, when it opened to reveal a very wet Mac. The two just stared at each other for a few moments, before with a dignity only Mac could pull off, he found a towel and dried off has best as he could. “Danny will be staying with me.” He looked over at Don. “I’m calling both of us out tomorrow, as he needs time to adjust.” He was a damn Marine and refused to blush at the smirk the detective was giving him. “Do you need my address or do you already have it, since you seemed to know a lot about me.”

“I already have it.” Blade grinned, patting him on the shoulder. “Your uncle demanded I keep an eye on you, and I have. I’m not sure if this is what he wanted for your life, but I’m sure he wanted you happy. I’ve got some of my guys watching the area, just in case. Sonny is likely licking his wounds so will be laying low for a while.”

The Hunter grabbed Don, and the two left the apartment.

Mac closed his eyes, trying to center himself on what had just happened. In the past few hours, his life had changed, and was likely going to be completely different by morning. He had only intended to check on Danny …

‘Danny?’ He eased the bathroom door open, trying not to have flashback to his first apartment in New York. The bathroom was tiny to say the least, the shower stall barely fit one, the sink was in the way, and toilet was behind the door.

He could see the young man was in the shower stall, under the hot water, still dressed. Mac stepped inside the room, closed the door behind him. He got the curtain pulled back, gently put his hand on the younger man’s shoulder. Danny jumped slightly, but calmed when he saw who was standing there. ‘Come on let’s get you out of these clothes, we can burn them later.’

Danny snorted, but with the help of Mac he got out of the wet shirt and dress pants. Mac took in everything about him, he was lean yet very fit, had more muscles than most would’ve thought, especially as the suits hid most of it. He could see some scars, but the prominent mark was the Tanglewood Tattoo, with in and out date.

He didn’t think, just ran his finger over the words, then leaned over and kissed the out date. ‘I’m sorry for not believing in you.’

‘Mac?’ Danny leaned back into his arms, enjoying the strength that was holding him.

‘I almost lost you twice to that bastard, and if there is one thing I will promise you, is to take the son of a bitch down.’ Mac turned Danny around, taking his mouth into a soft kiss, only for it get heated and passionate quicker than either anticipated.

He had wanted Danny for a while, which had scared him. Danny made him smile, and laugh in ways he hadn’t since before his wife died. He knew he was falling for the younger man, and with that way too many complications: the Messer name, Mac’s position, add in they were both men … it was a lot to take in.

Then he had almost lost him, first in the shootout, then to Sonny.

He would’ve lost him completely if it wasn’t for the fact Sonny had Turned him.

He felt’s Danny hand’s in his hair pulling him into the shower, getting him wet. With ease he pinned him to the wall, taking and giving as their hands roamed over wet bodies. With a growl Danny pulled the dress shirt out of the pants to get his hands on warm skin. They were both hard and aching, wanting something more.

Danny pulled back slightly. ‘I’m not sure what I’m feeling but if we keep this up my instincts is demanding to take you in every essence that means.’

‘My Uncle mentioned a thing called Mates.’

‘I might be a boy from New York, but if I’m going to have you, it’s sure as hell is not in my rat size bathroom.’

Mac snorted, then stepped back. ‘It’s a right of passage to have a bathroom this small. Try navigating with two.’

‘Break or make a marriage.’ Danny cupped his cheek and gave him a soft smile. ‘I’m not her.’

‘I know.’ He kissed his palm. ‘But, I will always love her, and likely at one point we’ll see her again.’

‘Really?’ Danny asked a small smile on his face. ‘I guess you live long enough you see familiar souls come back.’

‘Uncle Dan always warned me, said he’ll sneak up on me when I least expect it.’ Mac stepped back, tripping over Danny’s shoes and falling into the wall slightly. ‘On that note I’m going to go find a towel. You finish up, then pack a bag we’ll go to my place.’

‘And?’ He asked not caring he was naked, wet, and hard, staring at Mac with desire and need.

‘And we take it from there, but I at least have a bigger bathroom and bed.’ He gave him a wink, then stepped outside only to run into Blade.

Just after the other two left, Danny stepped out in a towel, gave Mac a saucy grin before dropping it, and made his way to his closet to pull on some sinfully tight jeans, and a t-shirt. He grabbed a duffle, packed the essentials including a few work outfits, as he wasn’t sure how long he was going to be at Mac’s.

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  1. Oh wow! Hot! Loving this afternoon fic! Just like I’ve loved them all! Thank you for all the great reading and for Sylum!

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