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Afternoon Fic: Mac/Danny Sylum Story – Part 5

Afternoon Fic: Mac/Danny Sylum Story – Part 5

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Allan Tracy should start charging for delivery.  Actually, he should build a system with fellow Paramedics, who happen to also be Chosen Ones who arrange and deliver fresh blood to Vampires.

He should at least get a tip!

Allan parked the Ambulance on the corner, and grabbed the red igloo that had ‘haz mat’ labels all over it.  Placed inside at least three bags of cloned blood, and two from the local blood bank. He called into dispatch, stating he was checking in on an elderly patient, then signed off.

Don was waiting for him at the front stoop, looking annoyed and pissed.  “Was this a police situation?”

“The newly Turned is a friend.”  Flack opened the door, to let the Paramedic in.  “He was Turned by Sassone, I had no idea the guy was a Rogue, come to find out Blade was Hunting him.”

“He’s okay with being Turned?”  Allan asked as they made their way up the four flights of stairs.

“Danny isn’t going to let Sonny Sassone win.”  He opened the door to find his friend pacing and ranting, while Mac had his coat off, and was cleaning the kitchen.  Not at all what he was expecting.

“Fucking asshole.  Why not just kill me? Not that I’m happy I’m alive, so to speak.  But what was end game on this, if he think I’m going to be all weepy and terrified of this new life, than he can go fuck himself.  I wasn’t subservient to the asshole when I was Tanglewood, what the actual fuck makes him think I’m going to cower to him now…”

Blade had vacuumed up the dust, and straightened up the overturned furniture.  The kitchen table was done, and would need to be hauled away at a later date. He was trying hard not to smile at his new Childe’s ranting.  

“There’s no trying to rationalize Rogues.”  Blade stated as he glanced over to the former Marine, so much like his Uncle.  He had offered to Turn Dan, but with his injuries from the war, physical and mental, he knew it wasn’t something he wanted for eternity.  He did make Blade promise to watch over his favorite nephew.

“Sonny is a fucktard.”  Danny stared at the Hunter, hands on his hips.  “His ideas usually ended up with loss of money, people in jail, and something on fire.

“And you thought he was cool?”  Mac gave the younger man a smirk.

“I was obviously a complete fucking moron when I was younger.”  He laughed lightly, before turning his focus on Don. “So you also knew all about this Vampire stuff?”

“My family have been Chosen Ones for generations.”  He tilted his head to Allan. “He’s got food.”

“You can order take out?”  Danny was slightly impressed.  

For the last thirty minutes since he had rose as the living dead, he had a lot of things explained to him.  The Vampire aspect he got, he’s from New York, he’d seen weirder shit on the subway. The Clans and structures made complete sense, something this huge that needed to stay hidden from society, some type of structure needed to be in place.  The fact Sonny was a criminal with in that society also – not shocking.

What he couldn’t figure out was why the idiot Turned him in the first place.  It made no sense, Sonny should’ve known Danny wouldn’t toe the line, even as someone who was undead.  The only thing any of them could come up with, was the idea that Sonny would hope Danny would do something drastic as a baby Vampire, scaring him to back to his side for protection.

Sassone hadn’t anticipated Mac Taylor, but then who does.

The other thing he wasn’t quiet understanding, was the pull he was feeling towards Mac.  He could admit to himself on cold nights or alone in his shower, that he had a small … epic … crush on his boss.  He didn’t know what to do with him in the kitchen washing dishes, let alone the fact he knew about Vampires.

His uncle sounded cool.

Danny was sure after this hunger feeling faded he was going to have a million questions, but right now he was still pissed at Sonny, desperately trying not to notice the amount of heartbeats around him, or how hot Mac looked in those pants.

“I’m not on call for normal Feeding, but newly Turned is kinda my speciality.”  Allan set the igloo down, and shoved it with his foot towards Danny. He wasn’t stupid enough to get near a hungry Vampire let alone a baby one.

“I feel like an animal at the zoo.”  Danny glanced at Blade. “Now what?”

“At the moment you’ll feed like an animal at the zoo.  Take the fresh blood, let the fangs drop, rip into the bag and drink it down.  Once the hunger is curbed, you can be more civilized and heat the rest in the microwave and drink down like a normal person.  Heating it up make it taste like it’s coming from a Chosen one, once your calm enough we’ll let you Feed off an actual Chosen One.”

“I can do it.”  Mac dried off his hands, folding the towel over the edge of the sink.  He had needed to do something, while Blade had told Danny about Vampires and they waited for food.

Blade glanced at Mac, then Don, shaking his head at the prospect.  “Flack has been a Chosen One longer, let him do it.”

Danny glanced between the two men, his instincts said take Mac, but he wasn’t sure what that meant, so kept quite and followed Blade’s lead.  “Let’s do this. The sooner I figure all this shit out, the sooner I can hunt the fucking asshole down and kill him.” He looked at Blade. “I can do that right, he technically did this without my permission so I get to seek my revenge right?”

“Yeah.”  Blade gave him a wicked smirk.  “But first you’ll need to be trained.  You’ve got a lot going for you, damn good natural instincts, but need to learn to fight with a sword if you’re going to take his head.”

Mac’s expression turned downright evil.  “Do you humans hunt Rogues?”

“There are humans that have, most don’t survive.  They are hard to deal with, as usually they are hunting because a Rogue killed someone they love.  They don’t know about Clans or the fact not all Vampires are blood sucking demons. There is one, who discovered the true Vampire community, he was Turned and became a Hunter.  At the moment there’s a family, father and two sons who are damn good at what they do, but so far under the radar we’re having a hard time keeping track of them.”

“You planning on Hunting?”  Danny asked as he dug through the igloo, reading the packets of blood, wondering of O+ tasted different from AB.  “Doesn’t someone need this blood?” He held one of the fresh ones up. “Especially as AB is hard to come by?”

“It was contaminated so can’t be used for blood transfusions.  I got a contact at the blood banks, instead of it going to waste, it’s perfectly find for Vampire food.”  Allan explain simply and easily, as if this was an everyday conversation.

“So what do I do again?”  He looked down at the packet in his hands, then over to Blade.

“Let the fangs drop, and bite into the package instincts will take over.”  Blade could see the hesitation, before his Childe shrugged in that ‘fuck it’ way and bit down, the sucked it empty in a few seconds, before going for the second.  While his Childe ate, he glanced at Mac. “Are you planning on hunting?”

“I’m skilled with a katana, wouldn’t be hard to train me.”

Don shook his head, not liking this idea at all.  “Mac, that’s not a good idea. Vampires can move fast, and their fighting skills…”

“Sonny as an idiot.  Besides not like I can’t shoot him first then take his head.”  Mac shrugged, not really caring how the Rogue died, as long as he did.  

Blade smiled, oh he was going to make them into a fine Hunting pair.  

“This is cloned blood?”  Danny held up the last packet as he made his way to the nice clean kitchen, probably cleaner than it had ever been, even when he first moved in.  He grabbed a mug, dumped the contents into it, and put it in the microwave, figured a minute would work, and hit start. “This is maybe officially the weirdest thing I have done.”

Don chuckled at his antics.  “For someone who was Turned without Consent, let alone having no idea about Vampires you’re handling this well.”

Danny pulled the mug out, sniffed it before downing it in a few gulps.  “Okay that wasn’t too bad.” He set the cup in the sink, just to have Mac give him a look.  He quickly rinsed off the cup and put it on the draining board. “What am I going to do?” He looked over at Don.  “Cry in the corner about how my life is over.” He rolled his eyes, even as a teenager when he got beatings from his father, he never cried in the corner.  “The other outcome to this whole thing is being dead, well dead dead. Now I’ve got a new chance at life. I’ll outlive my fucking father and the Messer name.  I’m taking the opportunity for what it is, and running with it.”

“We’ll be with you the whole way.”  Mac promised him, laying a hand on his shoulder giving it a squeeze.

“Thanks, Mac.”  He smiled up at him, losing himself for a moment just staring at him.  

Blade coughed, pulling Danny’s attention back to the present.  “Okay time to learn how to Feed, then I suggest a shower.”

Danny blinked a few times, focusing back on the moment.  “How do I do this?” He listened to everything Blade had told him, smirked at Don and waggled his eyebrows.  

Don rolled his eyes and put his arm out.  “I don’t do the neck thing on the first date.”

He laughed openly, as he took his wrist and let instinct kick in.  Instantly he understood, why not to be overly hungry, the fresh blood was like a cold cup of water after a long run in the park.  It was refreshing and rejuvenating while being very addictive. He took one final swallow, licked the wound closed, and stepped back.  

Don gave him a soft smile.  “Not bad for a virgin.”

“Fuck you.”

“Maybe later.”  He winked getting Danny to laugh, but noticed instantly Mac’s narrowed eyes.  The cop shifted to give Blade a side-eye, who was totally ignoring him. “I’m glad you’re okay, Blade is a good Hunter, he’ll train you well.”

Danny gave him a nod, then hugged Don, holding him close. “Thanks for being a friend.”

“No problems.”  He held him tight for a few moments, then let him go. “I’ve got your back, especially on crime scenes as they are going to be slightly different now.”

Messer frowned, then nodded in understanding.  “Blade mentioned the enhanced senses, that could be useful.  Well except body dumps.” He cringed slightly, smelling himself.  “Okay yeah shower … ” He glanced at his guests. “I guess will see you all tomorrow?”

“If you think for a second your staying in this apartment your insane.”  Mac shook his head. “Despite the fact we can’t actually investigate it as a crime scene it still is one.  Your mattress has bullet holes in it, and your blood is still staining the floor. So shower, then pack a bag you’re staying with me, until we can get this place cleaned up and better security in case Sonny comes back.”

“I can take care of myself.”  Danny stood firm, glaring back at Mac, who just pointed to the bathroom.  He threw his hands up, not wanting to argue with his boss, besides he really needed a shower.  

One of Don’s eyebrow rose, but he didn’t say anything.  

“Okay so pick up more blood, it’s likely going to be dinner for two.”  Allan muttered as he grabbed his igloo, he glanced at Don. “See you later.”  Then wandered out of the apartment back to his Ambulance, he actually had work to do, than take care of insane Vampires.

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  1. Felicia Cooper

    My General, I’m loving this new take on Danny’s Turning. The fact that Mac knows about Vampires from his uncle, Lt. Dan, is so of the awesome! I understand why Dan wasn’t Turned but having him running around Sylum would have been great! Danny being Danny is so funny and Sonny had better watch out. He made a serious enemy in Danny and Mac. And, hello again the Allan! I’m glad he’s still there. Thanks for this!

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