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Afternoon Fic: Mac/Danny – Still Breathing (Part 18)

Afternoon Fic: Mac/Danny – Still Breathing (Part 18)

Part One

Part Seventeen

The first thing Don noticed when he arrived at work, was the huge bouquet of flowers sitting on his desk. There was no way anyone would’ve missed the monstracity. It was beautiful, the flowers were perfect, the only problem it looked like it belonged at a funeral.

“So who died?” One of the detectives asked as Don walked up to his desk.

“No idea.” He eyed it from every angle, then moved around to his side of the desk. “Sure this is at the right place and not the Morgue?”

“Delivery guy asked for you specifically.” Another one of the cops called out. “Your family alright?”

“Just talked to my mom, her and dad were on their way to brunch.” He sat down, and was instantly hidden by flowers.

“Retired life is nice.” There was laughter from somewhere on the other side of the massive bouquet.

“Okay who died?” Danny’s voice rang out as he approached Don’s desk.

The detective stood, to see him and Mac heading towards him. Likely to check to make sure he was okay, and have questions on one of their cases. “No idea.”

“Does it have a card?” Mac asked with his normal calm yet curious tone.

Don dug around the bouquet until he found the typical small card stashed deep inside. Just as he was going to open, a new voice called out. “Who the fuck died?”

He leaned past the flowers to glare at his Mate. “Did you send these?”

“I love you and all, but I’m not sending you a funeral bouquet. It would be roses for our true luv!” He winked at him, getting a few snickers from the other detectives, though he was concerned on who did send his Mate that large of a bouquet.

“Maybe someone found out King is going to be working with you, hence the flowers of consolation.” One of the cops called out, getting the room to laugh.

“I’m a pleasure to work with.” Hannibal gave them offended look. “You’re just jealous Don will have all my attention, but don’t worry Henries your still my favorite that bbq joint you told me about is awesome!”

“Anytime you want bbq you know where to find me, baby.” Henries smirked getting the whole floor to laugh.

Hannibal moved closer to the flowers, having to admit the quality was top notch. Whoever sent it, paid a good amount of money. The smell was filling the whole room, God help anyone who was allergic, though that could be the sneezing he was hearing from the distance

Then it hit him…

His eyes went wide, as he moved around the monstrosity. “Is there a card?”

“You know who sent it?” Don asked holding up the small card waving it slightly.

“I have a suspicion” He was bouncing on his toes. “Open it!”

Mac and Danny tried not to laugh at the Hunters antics. Danny had talked to Don for a bit the day before, checking in to see how he was doing after the Turning, feeling almost old hat at the situation. His friend had sounded happy and content, Danny knew the feeling.

Don gave his Mate a side-eye, but then curiosity got the better of him. He opened the envelope, it was a typical typed out note from the florist who made the bouquet.

‘My condolences on your Mating – P’

Hannibal leaned over and read the note, then lost it in laughter. “Fucking bastard.”

Don realized that it was from Paul, the one friend Hannibal spoke highly of, who handled his Mate with an aplomb only few could. He couldn’t help the snicker, then laughter. It was so fitting and something a friend of Hannibal’s would do … it was perfect.

Mac looked over at his Mate, who was giving both men a look. “I’m sure we don’t want to know.”

Hannibal couldn’t stop laughing long enough to explain, and Don was chuckling to the point he had to sit down.

“Well then on that note, when you two are done.” Mac couldn’t help the smile, the laughter was contagious even if you didn’t know why they were laughing. “Don come by my office to discuss the last case, we’ll be out of town next week…”

Don suddenly sobered. “Why?”

“Conference in Las Vegas, higher ups thought it would be good for us, plus it would seem we were requested by Dr. Gilbert Grissom himself.” Mac gave them the formal line first. “In reality we’ve been summoned to meet Nick.”

“Wait.” Hannibal took a few deep breaths, then wiped the tears. “Why are you going to Vegas?”

“He’s a CSI there.” Danny shrugged, still nervous about meeting the Clan Leader, let alone someone that old. So far everyone he’d met had been just over 100 years old no older than 200 at least. Meeting someone who had walked this earth for 1600 years was intimidating.

“I didn’t know that, need to catch up on Clan business these past years.” He made a note to give Nico a call himself, to let him know he was back in New York, and Mated to Don. It would likely mean a trip out to Vegas. “Don’t worry yourself too much, he’ll like you guys. He’s not as scary as many think he is, well unless you piss him off and then you better just run for your life.”

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