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Afternoon Fic: Mac/Danny – Still Breathing (Part 17)

Afternoon Fic: Mac/Danny – Still Breathing (Part 17)

Part One

Part Sixteen

Hannibal blinked at Don. “Messer has the soul of Speed’s brother, the one from Ireland? Oh that explains so much. He’s a Quinn, yeah, okay need to up security and training.”

“What does that mean?” Don asked as they were cleaning up after having dinner. It was very domestic, normally this type of stuff had irritated him to know end when he was with Tanya. The whole, ‘how was your day honey’ and then listening to her ramble about her family and mundane things, he hadn’t cared about. When he would talk about a rough case, she usually cut off the conversation, stating she wasn’t comfortable with job talk or at least his. When he finally had snapped and said, if she didn’t want to know about what he did, she shouldn’t ask, and if she couldn’t handle him being a cop …

That was the beginning of the end.

“Quinns are trouble magnets. Well at least the one we know of, is a trouble magnet. Though he takes after his father, and we all now Meridii are fucking trouble magnets of the epic proportion.” Hannibal put away the last of the dishes. “When did we get this domesticated?”

Don laughed lightly. “I was just thinking how this felt natural, compared to other relationships.”

Hannibal leaned over and kissed him, before pulling back. “So between McCoy and super secret clan stuff way above my head, they were able to forge up my employment records, and yesterday I actually passed the Detective exam, so I start next week. We made sure not to assign me to you or to Mac and Danny, but I’ll at least be on your shift.”

“No offense, Hannibal but are you trained to be a cop?” Don paused when King went quiet, a look on his face that was unreadable.

“Look I know I come across as laughable goofball. But I actually spent the past thirty years Hunting in Asia.” He held up his hand. “Let me finish. Twenty of those years, I’ll admit I was a pathetic loser, I was out of my element. I was born on the prairie, rode horses, wrangled cattle … Asia was a whole new world. But during that time I learned the languages, the people, their customs, and so much about myself. The last ten years, Shogun trained me to be a Hunter. In those ten years I learned from the best, plus actually worked with investigators, and a real live Double-O who taught me how to be more than what I was ever intended to be. So no, I didn’t go to the Police Academy, or worked as a street cop but I have lived this life, and can be a damn good detective. Do not treat me, especially as my Mate, like everyone else has, and only see the goofball.”

Don stepped into his arms and kissed him hard and passionate. “I’m sorry. You’ve not talked about your time away, and well honestly I was going by gossip and not actually paying attention to you.”

“Well in all honesty it isn’t like I’ve talked much about it, so you had no real reference. And it would be hard on anyone’s ego to see someone you don’t think is trained to take a job you worked hard for.” He gave him a softer smile. “I think it’s time I tell you about Chang, Yasuke, and Paul with his Lizard Army … ”

They ended up curled on the bed, as he told him about sunrises over the mountains, tea with the Dalai lama and how he found peace in Buddhism, and still practices the faith. How he got his ass handed to him, by a tiny demon assassin, who taught him more than fighting but how to live to the fullest … though he’s not nearly as crazy as she is, considering she likes to jump off really tall buildings.

Then he told him about Paul, his friend.

The one who taught him how to be an investigator, who taught him how to be sauva (not that it stuck) but how to at least fake it. How, if he was honest with himself, Paul was the one person he would’ve had a relationship with, while waiting for Don, but it wasn’t meant to be and their friendship was more important than sex.

By the time he finished the grand tale of the lizard army, Don had laughed, cried and would make sure to send notes to all of those people for taking care of his Mate, and helping him on his journey. It was at the moment he knew, there was no one else for him. Hannibal was meant for him in every aspect … his humor, the constant chatter, the deadly seriousness, and the ability to have fun. This is who he needed … wanted in his life.

Don straddled Hannibal and looked down at him for a few moments, then leaned down and kissed him soft then again with more passionate. “Make me yours. I mean it Hannibal, Turn me and make me yours.”

He thanked Allan for the food, who only gave him a cheeky grin. “I was expecting it, lately I feel as if I’m cupid, bring food to those who are meant to be.” He batted his eyelashes and floated down the stairs of the apartments.

Hannibal chuckled, then headed for the bedroom, to make sure Don was recovering. He had already been in a hot shower, and was now curled up in a pair of hiss sweats, an oversized t-shirt and lastly a hoodie.

He tossed him a blood packet. “You’ve seen this enough times.”

Don looked down at it, now understanding Danny’s comment about a zoo animal. At least he didn’t have an audience. Carl Lucas had already came by to take the mattress, which didn’t have a lot of blood on it, but then Hannibal was over 100 years old and had the ability to drink down more, though he noticed his Mate looked way younger than normal.

“I’ve called Mac, to let him know you’ll be out tomorrow, ’cause I don’t plan on letting you out of this bed…” He waggled his eyebrows at his Mate, as he pushed him back onto the mattress kissing him deeply. “I love you.”

“Fuck Hannibal.” He pulled off the hoodie and t-shirt in one go, hands grabbing at Hannibal’s low riding jeans. “I want it all…”

Hannibal only chuckled into the kiss, then let Don have his way with him, when the Bond flared between them, sealing them together, he knew that it was right.

A few hours later he left a sleeping Don in the bed, making sure the note stating that he was going for take out was visible. After all he still had a few food post-it-notes left to try, grabbed his phone and headed out of the apartment. Before he hit the street he dialed Paul’s number.

‘This better be good King, it’s one in the morning.’ Paul’s voice sounded tired and grovely.

“Dude it’s 8am in Singapore, even if I’m off a few hours due to the fact you’re in another section of Asia, it’s not like you sleep in.” Hannibal frowned into the phone, not liking how Paul sounded.

‘It would be, if I was in Asia, but I’m in Scotland.’ He could hear him shuffling out of the bed, a few groans escaped. ‘Why are you calling? I haven’t heard from you in over six weeks. I’m assuming all is good in Mate land.’

“Why are you in Scotland?”

‘It’s not like I have to tell you my travel arrangements.’ Another sigh and some movement. ‘I finished my assignment and I’m now spending some time at home.’

“You sound like shit.” He paused at one of the small parks, slipping into it and taking a seat on the bench. “Paul don’t lie to me.”

‘I’m recovering, being home helps. Charles has become an expert at Matzo Ball soup, and has made sure there is extra blood packets.’

“Recovering from what?” Hannibal stood and began to pace. “I leave you alone for six weeks, and you’re on death’s door.”

‘Technically I’m already dead, but if you should know…’ There was a hesitation, as if he was debating with himself in what to tell Hannibal. ‘We went after Chang. I handed my findings to M, who realized the significance of a Rogue being one of the biggest suppliers of drugs in Europe. It was off the books for MI:6 but I worked with Katsumoto and his Hunters to go after him.’

“And?” If his heart was beating it would be leaping out of his chest in anticipation.

‘He’s more organized and vicious than any of us realized.’ He could tell Paul sat back down, likely on his bed. ‘He has men working for him, some human, but mostly Rogues. These guys were well trained, better than some military units I’ve seen. It was Yasuke and Sifu’s phenomenal skills, that and the fact no one expects the blind man to be a Hunter, that actually got us in and out. I was able to get in front of Chang, the man had me on the floor faster than I care to admit, and then shot me three times to the chest before he left.’

“FUCK!” He paced around the park, scaring a few couples with his ranting. “He didn’t take your head?”

‘He had a message.’

“What kind of message?” Hannibal went completely still.

‘Tell King that he can’t hide Templeton forever.’

“FUCK!” He cursed, startling more of the parks occupants, even a few pigeons flew off. He forced himself to calm down, not wanting the police suddenly on his ass. He was ready to demand more information when he heard another voice over the phone.

‘Paul are you okay?’

‘I’m fine Charles.’

‘I heard voices …’

‘Crank call.’ Hannibal could see Paul’s smirk. ‘A friend from Asia checking in, I’m good. How about some tea? As I doubt I’ll go back to sleep right away, if you don’t mind.’

‘No problems. I fell asleep reading about Rhinos, prepping for that internship in Africa. I’ll heat up some food, and fix tea. I can tell you all about the White Rhino and how us humans are arseholes who are destroying the world.’

“The infamous Charles.” Hannibal smiled at the moment, letting his emotions about Chang wash away, he would deal with the ramifications of Chang’s message later. “Boy has a crush on you.”

‘I know that.’ He growled into the phone. ‘I’m on sick leave for a few weeks, before heading back to Singapore.’

“Don’t tangle with him without back-up,” he demanded.

‘I don’t plan on it. Yasuke is working with Shao Jun about the next hit, but Chang’s disappeared into obscurity again.’ There was a weird scratching sound that came through the phone. ‘Hey girl didn’t mean to wake you.’

Hannibal paused at what he was hearing, and he was sure he wasn’t hearing what he thought he was hearing. “Who are you talking to?”

‘What?’ He heard the scoff and chuckle. ‘Did you really think I had some woman in my bed?’


‘I was talking to Blue, I woke her up when I went into the bathroom.’

“Blue as in the Queen Lizard of the Lizard Army?” Hannibal laughed, his emotions all over the map at this conversation, Don was going to be worried by the time he gets back. “Send me pics I’ve not seen the Queen.”

‘I am not encouraging you. Is there a reason you’ve woken me up?’

“Oh yes. The Mate thing .. it’s Awesome.” He tried not to bounce around and squee like a five year old, but he failed miserably and was likely scaring the locals with his antics. “It’s amazing, just perfect and Oh My God … ”

‘I take it you finally claimed him as yours.’

“Yes and it’s fucking phenomenal! I mean it Paul you have nothing to worry about, it will be fine. Your Mate will be perfect for you.” Hannibal blushed when he realized his voice went up at least two octaves.

‘I’m happy for you Hannibal, I am.’

“You don’t sound it.” He settled back down on the bench, still worried for his friend.

‘I’m recovering from three gunshots to the chest and tired.’ He could just about hear the snark through the grumpy. ‘But I am happy for you, I’m also happy he didn’t turn out to be an arse. I’m not sure what will happen when I find mine, but I’ll take that step when it happens.’

“I promise you it will be fine.”

‘I’ll hold you to it. Now if you don’t mind, I can hear the kettle and I’ve got to find my snake he’s escaped again.’

Hannibal stared at the phone eyes wide as Paul hung up … snake?

By the time Hannibal had gotten back to the apartment with food, Don was ready to call in all the Hunters to find his wayward Mate. The emotional storm he had felt over the past hour was a bit overwhelming. “What the fuck was that?” He demanded the moment his Mate stepped back into the apartment.

“Chinese?” He held up the bags, then set them on the counter. “And that was feedback loop through the Bond. I called Paul to let him know we Mated, and found out he’d been shot on a mission.”

“Is he okay?” Don calmed down slightly, once realized what he had been feeling.

“Lucky he’s already dead or would be.” Hannibal pulled out some chopsticks and handed a carton to his Mate. “Didn’t mean to scare you, but we’ll have to work on keeping emotions checked or work through them.”

“It was just a bit overwhelming is all.”

Hannibal set his carton on the table, then took Don’s before kissing him softly. “I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“It’s okay.” Don gave him a smile. “I know what to expect now, and can see how that would be useful, I’ll know when your pissed and find a way to calm you down.”

“Shake your ass at me, will do it.” He kissed him again, before snagging his food. “Come on, let’s eat, watch some ball, and sleep. I’m sure we both could use it.”

“Sounds perfect.” Don followed him to the couch, snagging his own carton of food. He would have to call his mom tomorrow so she can point out how stupid he was for worrying.

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