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Afternoon Fic: Mac/Danny – Still Breathing (Part 13)

Afternoon Fic: Mac/Danny – Still Breathing (Part 13)

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Part Twelve

The hot water felt good against Mac’s cool skin, and that was an interesting side effect he hadn’t thought of, being colder.  It made sense in his head, less blood circulating so cooler to the touch. He noticed Danny had left him alone for a few moments, understanding the need to just get his head wrapped around the concept of being dead.

He shut off the shower, and looked at Danny who was watching him intently.  He gave him a cocky grin before opening up a fluffy towel. “You have matching towels Mac, this is the most adorable thing I’ve seen.”

“Stella bought those…”  He yanked the towel out of his Mate’s … Mate he liked the sound of that … hand and began to dry off.  “The bathroom was shit when we bought the place, but it wasn’t a priority to fix, there was more pressing issues like the wiring, heating, and a water heater that was older than dirt.  After 9/11 I didn’t feel like it, well anything, for a while. Last year, after that body in the bag, all I wanted was a hot bath.”

“Oh God I still have nightmares on that case.”  Danny didn’t mind leaning back on the double sink, marble counter watching Mac dry.  His body was in pristine condition, and he had his hands all over it, and planned to have them all over it again.  “So you finally updated the bathroom?”

“Yeah, and it was the first thing I did for myself.”  He hung the towel back up. “Do you understand what I mean?”

“I think so.”  Danny stepped away, and into Mac’s arms.  “This was yours, not what the two of you would’ve done, but yours.”

“Yeah.  I painstakingly picked the tiles, fixtures, all of it.  The only thing I had forgot was the towels. I had a set why would I need another.  Stella rolled her eyes, left and three hours came back with a whole range of towels and variety shades of blue and grey.”

“It’s very you.”  He pulled Mac into a deep kiss.  “I want…”

Mac answered by lifting Danny onto to the bathroom counter, and devoured his mouth in a deep kiss.  They were lost in each other, hands sliding over muscle, pulling at each other needing to be closer.  Danny wrapped his legs around Mac’s hips, thrusting his hard aching cock against Mac. The moment he felt Mac’s new fangs slide across the skin on his neck, he lost it and came just as he bit down.  He gripped onto Mac, lost in the sensation, the pleasure, and even the pain.

The swipe of Mac’s tongue against his neck, had him focusing back on the moment.  “That was … fucking hell Mac.”

“Every instinct wanted to bite you, to complete this thing between us.”  He nuzzled against the neck, fascinated that the mark was already gone. The Vampire healing will make it easier to hide any marks the other may leave behind.  He kissed him softly, then pulled back smiling at Danny who had a dopey expression on his face. “I can sense more of you.”

“Same.”  He pulled Mac back into a kiss, then pushed him slightly until he carefully got off the counter he was sticking on.  “Should we check in on our guests?”

“No.”  Mac pulled him back into the bedroom, startled at seeing a made bed, with a different set of bedsheets. “Okay we’ll need to get something more appropriate later.”

“Pink flowers not your thing?”  Danny tried not to laugh at the hideous atrocity that was covering the bed at the moment.  He shoved the cover back, then climbed onto the band giving his Mate a sultry look. “Come on Mac, fucking claim me as yours.”

He didn’t have to be told twice.

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