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Afternoon Fic: Mac/Danny – Still Breathing (Part 12)

Afternoon Fic: Mac/Danny – Still Breathing (Part 12)


Part One

Part Eleven

Danny opened the door to Mac’s house, letting Blade, Don and Allan into the front parlor.  He gave them a panicked smile, then ushered them upstairs, where Mac was … Turning. He wasn’t even sure what to call it.  

Blade checked on the newly Turned, assured Danny that everything was alright and he was likely going to wake up soon.

“He was in so much pain.”  He frowned moving back onto the bed, to take his hand.  “I don’t remember being in that much pain.”

“You were already wounded, fighting for your life.  Mac was a healthy human whose body was dying, it’s much more painful.”  Blade looked down to see Mac staring up at him, a confused expression on his face.  “Well hello, welcome back.”


“I’m here Mac.”  He kissed his hand, scooting closer, until he had his Mate’s full attention.  “Hi.”

Mac smiled at him, reaching upwards to run a hand down his face.  “Hi.”

Blade shook his head, a rare smile on his face.  “First off, Mac up and out of bed. I’ve got a team coming to get rid of this mattress and bedding.”  

Mac shifted until he was sitting up, not really caring or noticing he was completely naked.  He realized the bed was soaked with blood, and other human fluids. The scientist in him knew theoretically the body died, and not surprised at the aftermath.  The fact there wasn’t as much blood as he would expect, shocked him.

“I expected more blood.”  Mac shook his head, pretty sure that wasn’t what he wanted to say, but he felt as if he was rebooting.

“Well the advantage of a hungry Vampire Turning his Mate a few hours after being Turned, they tend to drink down more.” Blade held out his hand, though kept an eye on Danny.  Some Mates get possessive as fuck the first few days, while others are more mellow. He wasn’t sure what side the Messer part of Danny would land on, but at the moment the young cop seemed just relieved Mac was okay.  “Normally, the younger the Vampire doing the Turning the more blood left behind.”

“Why isn’t it dust?”  He asked standing, getting his legs under him.  He was feeling weak, tired and hungry. “I mean elements of Danny turned to dust once left the body.”

Danny blushed.  “Actually why does it do that?”

“First lesson, not much can kill us: beheading, fire if all too consuming, and starvation, that one takes the longest.  Once a Vampire dies, he and everything with him goes to dust. There’s a few scientist in the Clans that have been doing research, but so far we’re going with the mystery.  As for why your’s didn’t. You weren’t a Vampire … the blood is part of the human that died. Hence we have a service that helps destroy the evidence.”

Mac nodded in understanding.  “Shower need one.”

Danny scrambled off the bed, and took his Mate’s arm.  “I can understand that. Besides I’ve been waiting to see this huge bathroom you claim to have.”

“Bigger than your rat sized shower.”  Mac teased as they made their way to the bathroom.

The moment Danny clicked on the light.  “I’m never leaving. Is that a real tub, as in a ‘full size man can fit into’ tub.”

Blade only heard Mac chuckle as the door closed.  

He sighed in relief knowing it all worked out.  Blade knew he had a few people to call to let them know about the baby Vampires, including Horatio and Speed, but first he wanted to get everything settled.  

Blade stepped out of the bedroom, to find Allan out in the hallway.  The young man handed him the igloo. “There’s enough in there for both of them, plus some for you.  I’ve got to get home and try to get a few hours sleep before shift. I’m glad it worked out. They seem nice.”

“You should stop by after a few days, bring them some fresh, get to know them.  Be good for you.” Blade set the igloo on the dresser, in sight so they could Feed before coming back down the stairs.

“You’ve been talking to my brothers, haven’t you.”  His eyes narrowed at the Hunter.

“Actually no, but it’s still good advice.”  Blade gave him a pointed look. “You’re apart of this society Allan, and you’ve been very helpful to us these past few years.  We protect those who protect us.”

“I’ll stop by in a few days.  Give them info on where to find their own food source.”  He nodded with a smile, as he turned and headed back down the stairs, only to pass by some big guys as they went up.  He went to say his goodbyes to Don, only to find him in the kitchen sound asleep, head resting on his arms on the island.  He could smell the coffee, he had likely just fixed before losing the battle against exhaustion.

By the time he was in his ambulance, heading for the station, he saw them hauling out the mattress, making it look just like a normal furniture delivery … at 4am in the morning.  

Carl Lucas gave Blade a quick fist bump.  “Brought my guys. We’ll get this taken care of.”

“Thanks.  Once they get this dumped at the incinerator, get your guys to find out what Sassone is up to.”

“That punk.”  He shook his head, with a roll of his eyes. “Surprised he got it up long enough to bite someone.”

Blade snorted. “Seems he’s had a hard on for little Danny Messer, he’s not going to be happy is future boy toy is Mated to a Marine, one already trained in the arts of sword fighting.”  

“Man, Sassone better watch is head, though I got a feeling Mac Taylor will go for his dick first.”  Carl chuckled, as one of his guys stepped up and informed him the mattress had been switched, and the carpet looked clean along with the bed frame.  “Looks like we’re golden, and my boys deserve a good tip, they even made the bed.”

“I’m going to be training these two as Hunters.”  Blade informed him as the last of Carl’s boys made their way out of the house, back to the waiting truck.  “Could use your help to teach them how to deal with unique situations.”

“Gladly.”  He gave him another fist pump, then pulled him into a hug.  “Take care Blade.”

The Hunter shifted his hearing just enough to make sure Mac and Danny were okay, chuckling at the two in the shower, he made his way to the kitchen only to pull his camera and take a picture, he was sure Hannibal would find the drooling adorable.

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