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Afternoon Fic: Dragon General (Part Nineteen)

Afternoon Fic: Dragon General (Part Nineteen)

Part One

Part Eighteen

“How long is this going to take?”  Cody demanded as Snap manhandled him into the back surgery room.  He probably should be very worried on how efficient the Medic was getting him out of his armour, and onto the table.  “Snap!”

“Close your eyes and count backwards from 100, by the time you wake up you’ll be your own man, and can hunt down your Mate.”  The medic pushed him on the table, hit him with a hypo, and before Cody could even respond he was out.

He woke up with a headache, and a sense of self he hadn’t had in … well, actually, he never felt this free.  He tried to sit up, then closed his eyes when the room tilted dangerously.  He felt a warm hand on his shoulder, and a cool cup of water against his lips.  “Drink slowly.”

He sipped the water, before opening his eyes to see his Mate smiling at him.  Obi-Wan helped him sit up, making sure that he was upright and steady.   “How are you feeling?”

“Free.”  The Commander looked into his Mate’s eyes, almost as if seeing him for the first time.  There was so much love and devotion, staring back at, with an underlying pissed off Dragon.

“Cody…”  The gaze softened, the guilt seeping in, knowing his men were harmed, especially his Mate.


He wasn’t going to tolerate his Mate taking the blame for something he didn’t do.   Obi-Wan Kenobi was a good man, who loved him, despite the fact he was a clone.  He cared for the vode, as if they were his own family.   A beacon of light, despite his worst nightmare appearing before him.  Cody couldn’t help him against Maul, and likely wouldn’t be able to take on the Sith Lord.

But then, he wasn’t Cody anymore.

“It’s Kote.”

He was out of the bed in a blink of the eye, had his Mate up against the wall, devouring his mouth in a claiming kiss.  He easily lifted his Jetii, until the strong legs were wrapped around his waist, pushing against all the right places.  There was a need humming through him, to claim what belonged to him.

“Take what you need, my dear.”

Kote only growled lower, as he shifted them once again, until he had Obi-Wan bent over the bed he had just left.  He was sure his Mate was using some Force osik, as there was no way he was coherent enough to make sure clothing was properly removed.  A small bottle of lotion dropped next to his hand, he chuckled, taking a moment to lean against Obi-Wan, kissing the back of his neck.  No matter the desperation to claim his Mate, he would not hurt him.

Ner Jetii.”

A moan was his answer.

He popped the lotion, poured some on his fingers, and pushed two fingers in, looking for that one spot, he grinned when Obi-Wan’s moans grew louder.   The need hummed through his blood, he slicked himself up, pulled out his fingers and with one hard thrust was buried balls deep.  Stilling for a moment, relishing the tight heat, and keening coming out of his Mate’s mouth.  Kote gripped the slim hips, pushed in a bit before pulling out and slammed back in.  He leaned forward, nipping at the elegant neck. “Mesh’la. Ner Dragon.”

“Kote. Gedet’ya.” Obi-Wan’s hands scrambled against the sheets, as he used the little leverage he had to push back, demanding more.

He could feel his Mate’s strength, devotion, and fire burning bright in the Force.  There had been times he glimpsed Kote, knowing that when he finally emerged, showcasing the fire of Kote with the slow burn of Cody, he would be Mand’alor.   One who protected his vode, would claim what was rightfully theirs, and stand next to the Dragon ready to fight.

A part of him had always wondered if Jango knew that one of his clones would claim the title.  Would he be proud or shocked that a mer clone of himself was living up to his name of ‘Glory’.

Then again – Jango named him, so maybe he did.

The sound of the slap against his ass was loud in the small room.  “Kriff.”

“Should be focused on me, ner Jetii, not locked in your head.”  Kote nipped his ear, smiling at the whine.  “Pay attention.”

Ner al’verde.”  Obi-Wan pushed against him, squeezing just enough to yank a pained moan from his Mate, two could play this game.  “I’m yours Kote, what are you waiting for?”

They both became lost in each other, Obi-Wan wrapped the Force around them, letting his Mate feel the love he had for him, while Kote marked and claimed what was his.  He came with a muted groan, buried deep inside his Mate, teeth marking him for all to see.

Obi-Wan came without even being touched, and he had never felt so gloriously used and wanted.  The Force swirled around them, happy and content with the moment.  A Force Bond had already started to form when they Mated back when he was a Dragon, and now he felt it snap into place.

“What was that?” Kote asked breathing heavily against his Mate’s back.

“That my dear is our Bond.”  Obi-Wan pushed back slightly, groaning when Kote pulled out.  He definitely needed a shower, but didn’t have time before his meeting with the Council, suddenly very thankful it was a holo call and not in person.  Though he was sure the Commander would be smug under his bucket the whole time.  He turned around, pulling Kote into a deep kiss.  “We’ll work on it later.”

“Why did it form now?”  He asked.

“You weren’t you yet.”  Obi-Wan gave him another quick kiss, then quickly fixed his robes.  “Come on, I’ll catch you up on what’s going on, we maybe able to escape out the side before Snap kills us for having sex in his recovery room.”

“He’ll make us pay for it later.”  Kote found his armour, efficiently put it on, grabbing his bucket on the way out.  “Are you going to talk to the Council now?”

“You can be as smug as you like under your bucket.”  Obi-Wan patted his arm, as they snuck past a few of the medical droids and out the side door, only to run headlong into Snap.  “Hello there.”

His eyes narrowed, but he didn’t say a word.  “General.”  He looked at the Commander, head tilted slightly.  “Kote.”

“How many have you been able to de-chip?”  He asked professionally.

“Two while you were claiming your riduur.”  The medic said offhandedly.  “The Admiral was looking for the General, I saved his poor innocent eyes, it was bad enough I had to hear it.”

“You got off and you know it.”  Kote gave him a wicked smirk.

“Not now, but when this is over I’m planning on selling the audio to Boil and retiring.”  He laughed at their expressions, Kote had a horrified yet proud look, while the General just rolled his eyes at the whole thing.  The Jetii really had no shame.  “Ghost Company will be de-chipped in the next rotation, I’m working through the 212th, priority is the shinies, as the older crew showed more restraint.”

“Thank you, Snap.”  Obi-Wan gave him a nod, as they moved down the hallway heading for the Bridge.  “Oh and I get at least 15% from the profit.”

Snaps laughter was heard all the way to the Bridge.


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