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A Note from Bj Jones

A Note from Bj Jones



I had tried to get this attached to the Sylum Update Post, but technology failed and worked all the same time.  So the original Post went out to email and Social Media, but didn’t add the new part.   But the blog posted the new part.  Seriously I don’t know.  I think even the technology is having a WTF moment today.

So now I’m adding this as a separate post.

It likely needs to be one.

I’m pretty sure we’re all in shock this morning.   Many of us don’t know where to go or how to handle what the fuck just happened.  I don’t normally get political and I’m not actually going to now, but I wanted to take a moment to say a few things.

Sylum isn’t going to go away.

If there is a moment in time when Sylum is need.  It is now.

I can’t do anything to change what has happened, but I can make a welcoming place for all.

Sylum has always been about family.  Everyone on this blog is family.  You are welcome here.

I will continue writing Sylum.  I will continuing making a world we’re we can hope and dream in.

Today of all days I wish there was a Sylum Clan.  Wish for a Nicolaus Meridius.  Wish for Jed Bartlett.  For a Pius XVII.  For Ernesto.  And I think we all could use Ezio right about now.

But if all I can give you is a place of safety, security, and something to make you smile and your day hopefully a bit brighter.

That is what I’ll do.

So in Conclusion.

Sylum is Here.  We’re here to stay.

Advent is around the corner and we have a fun idea brewing for it.


Bj Jones


  1. I am glad that Sylum will be here.

    I sat up and re-read Evolution all last night, well, at 11 pm (maybe later) I decided it would still be there tomorrow. Now to get through work and school this evening and then I will READ!!!! YES!!!

    I am always amazed at how much work you put into all of this and so very happy to be part of it. I will continue to support Sylum. I too wish we could climb into this world, not to be, but at least I can go and visit!!! And I am part of the inner circle!!!

    HUGS to all.

    1. Nicolaus Meridius

      We’re not going away.

      Irony we got an election to run – once all the edits are in place, the next big Arc is Nico’s Presidential Campaign.

      I’m a bit concerned on how much Sylum has predicted over the years.

  2. Val

    You know that Trump is friends with the Clintons, right? His daughter Ivanka is besties with Chelsea, they lunch together and stuff. This whole dog-and-pony show worked on Republicans, but when the dust settles and he’s really in place, I think a lot of people are going to be very surprised by what REALLY goes on in his White House.

  3. Thank you, General for your reassurance. I
    was so angry last night I cried. I couldn’t believe it. I feel like I’ve lost a loved one. So disappointed. Your words and the fact that I do have Sylum makes it a little better. Again, thank you.

  4. Chinnowah

    I will never understand a voting system where a candidate has the most votes but not the most points. But so it is. You could vote your ass off but get the “wrong” result.

    It seems as the racists get the going in the world at the moment and the dumb came out of their wholes to vote as there “finally is someone you can vote”. I don’t know if you noticed but in Europe the development is the same, look and Poland, Hungary and Turkey. And I’m sure they are only the beginning, as Marine Le Pen (leader of the Nationalists of France) already declared new times right after the presidential have been decided.

    Sorry, now I am political but I am really disturbed by it.

    Although I’m not living in your part of the world, I feel for all of you! And although I usually see this a bit more pragmatic (at least in discussion with friends here) I feel for all of you who had already suffered enough as not being “the norm” as well as for those who are “the norm” but now even have the “wrong” gender.

    Thank you, general, for creating this world and for giving people a bit hope outside of the real cruel one. And I really think that barking dogs don’t bite.

    I wish you all love and happiness anyway. Good luck!

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