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A Finished Chapter

A Finished Chapter

So Bj is screeching around that she finished Chapter 6 of Evolution.  *eyeroll* as if she couldn’t have done it without me.

Anyway! She only has Chapter 7 & 8 to go, and basically gave me a challenge to ‘bring it on’.  Well at least I’m not going to be so evil that I’ll add chapters to Evolution.  Mainly because I’m looking forward to tormenting her with the next Arc *cackles evilly*, but doesn’t mean I’m going to toss a few side bunnies her way.

*looks over bunny pen*

Hmm lets see there’s the Italian – wait he’s still go his main story in the works and Bob 2 may actually try and kill me if I make him work with Dan Brown much longer

Ohh there are some Vegas bunnies running a casino in the living room *picks one up and grins* I’ll set this one loose.

*watches bunny run off to play*

Oh and it looks like the Plot Crab has come home from his summer job at Disneyland and he looks like he’s brought a few friends.

Release the Crabs!!!

*shifty eye* No that wasn’t said in a brogue accent!

HA! That should keep her busy for a while!! Teach her to challenge me!



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