Update: Website & Blog

There has been some updates to the blog and the actual website.

First – The Blog: 

  • I’ve moved some things around in the menus, to make things easier to find especially if you’re on mobile and can’t see the sliders.   So the wiki has been added to the secondary header, as well as ‘Donate/Support’ Sylum and a few links on how you can do that.
  • Link to the Archive has been added to Sylum Information along with a secondary link to the old archive.

Second – The Website:

  • We’ve removed the Art & Music pages as everything that was Sylum Canon was moved to the new Archive.   So the only links from the main website is the: Blog, Wiki, Archive and Store.
  • The Old Sylum Archive – is still active and a link can be found in the headers and on the sideline of the blog.  Make note now – this will not be surviving much longer, as we are getting down to the last stories being moved over.   If there is anything you want from that archive start getting it now.  I will tell you this – anything labeled AU/Non-Canon on that archive will not be moved.  Also any of the old Stargate and H50 storyline will not be moved as they’ve all become Non-Canon.  So get it now …
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