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Random Post: National Kissing Day

“You going to give me a kiss?”  Nico’s voice was soft and playful.  “Oh don’t give me that look.  Come on, just a tiny one, you know you want to.”

Warrick laughed lightly as the small parakeet shyly moved up his Mate’s arm and pecked his cheek, then squeaked before flying off.

“Do I get a kiss?” Warrick asked smiling at how content Nico was surrounded by his birds.

He laughed as he leaned over and kissed Warrick on the cheek.  “Later I’ll kiss you all over.”

“I don’t mind an audience.”  He waggled his eyebrows, making Nico roll his eyes, though straddled him easily.  The birds suddenly squawked louder.  “Oh hush, not like you haven’t seen this before.”

He swore they all collectively rolled their eyes.

Nico ground down on the half hard dick, his chuckle deep in his chest as he took Warrick’s mouth into a deep kiss.  “By the way Happy National Kissing Day.”

“I like this day.” He pulled him back into a kiss, ignoring the Parrots who he swore were judging his performance.

Random Post: International Sloth Day

So it would seem that Saturday the 20th – was International Sloth Day!

I’m getting dirty looks from Dr. Evan, Brandon, Harkness, and Spike.

*shifty look*

So we’re posting today!  In honor of International Sloth Day!

So here’s some adorable sloths in buckets!!

Not that we need an excuse to post adorable sloth pictures.

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