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Sylum Vault: We’re Back!

Sylum Vault: We’re Back!

Through we’ve had a few setbacks, and still recovering from the move – the Vault is finally back!

We have some new changes we’re excited about!  We now have our own Webpage!

Check out (Heads Up: At the moment the site will show as not secure, we’re working with Etsy to get this fixed.  Please note that all billing/transactions is still through Etsy and secured – it’s just the domain name that is being a problem child.)

If you would prefer to still explore the shop through Etsy – Click Here.

We’re still adjusting to the new studio space, and building a project area … but we’re excited to get back into the swing things especially as – it’s our 5th Anniversary!

Yes you read that right, today marks the 5th Anniversary for Sylum Vault!

So come on by, check out the new digs.   The Holiday season is coming, you should start your shopping now!

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