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Sylum Vault (Reminder)

Sylum Vault (Reminder)

Don’t worry we’re not physically moving again!  Actually the good news is that the project room is finally up and running, which means we’re exploring new things for the Vault.  The biggest one, we’re moving away from Etsy and getting our own website!  This is of course a slow process that will take time (don’t worry we’ll keep you updated on all the shenigans).  

So at the moment we’re running a BIG SALE at Etsy!  50% off Everything!  Been wanting some new jewelry, fun trinkets, or cards – now is the time to get them!   This sale will last through to the end of the year, but we can’t guarantee all items will be available, so get them while you can.

(This time I remembered to post the link!)

Link to Sylum Vault

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