Sylum Vault: Ernesto Olivetti Week

At Sylum Vault we’ve created a series of Jewelry Pieces for Ernesto Olivetti Week.

Each piece is designed with Ernesto and Roads Untraveled in mind.  These are all unique items, and will not be duplicated.

For Sylum Members, we’re giving away a Free Pair of Meridius Tree Earrings when you purchase from our Ernesto Olivetti Collection.


Meridius Tree Earrings


Click through tabs to get a closer look at each piece of jewelry, plus a small story that goes with each one.

Modern Illuminati Necklace

The Illuminati has been a secret organization for centuries, some will even say older than that.  They do not advertise, nor do they show their presence.  They are subtle in all that do, and that includes how they communicate and signal to fellow Illuminati.

This Necklace was specifically designed for wives of Illuminati members, and the few strong women leaders in the organization, to wear as a symbol.  It’s to make sure that a certain politician knows they are being watched.  A certain businessman to realize his ‘fun on the side’ is paid for by those who control his assets.  It’s to let that Cardinal know who they are to trust, as they have lost their ins into the Sacred place.

If you are loyal to the Illuminati this is the Necklace for you.

Renaissance Illuminati Necklace

Cesare slid up to his sister, Lucrezia watching as she flirted with a few of the lower Cardinals.  She was beautiful, forbidden, and his.  She turned, seeing him watching, with a flip of her hair, she patted the old man on the arm promising him empty words and made her way towards her brother.

“My dear brother.”  She kissed both cheeks, eyes dancing with mirth and promise.  “I had feared you would leave me alone with such bores.”

“I have no doubt you would find entertainment with breaking old men’s hearts, literally and figuratively.”  He slid around her, hands caressing her side.  “I have something for you.”

“A gift?”  She asked excitedly.

He pulled her close to his side, and held up the silver necklace, filled with garnets.  “It will show who you support.”

“It’s beautiful my love.”  She took it into her hands, admiring the craftsmanship.  “Put it on, so all may see I support you in all your endeavors, my brother.”

Illumanti Earrings

Galileo had them made special.  They would look beautiful on her, and he would delight to see the most virtuous woman in Rome wear his very own symbol.

Lucretia had thanked him for the gift, and wore them many times over the past few years.

Until That Night.

After her Clan lay in ruins, she took the earrings and dropped them off at the local pawn shop, sold them for a small percentage of what they were worth, and donated the money to the Sistine Chapel Restoration.

Never would she wear anything with Triangles again.

Lucretia Dazzling Key Chain
(Sold Out)

It was a gift from Carlos.  He had seen it in some cheap souvenir shop.  It wasn’t special or expensive, but he knew Lucretia would like it.  It sparkled in the sun, and dangled nicely from her bag.

It was for the keys to her knew car.

The blue hyped up Fiat.

He gave it to her, along with a quick kiss.  “It’s not diamonds, but I thought of you when I saw it.” He shrugged shyly.  “It sparkles and shines brightly, like you.”

Lucretia dangled it in her hand, watching as the color bounced off the walls and sidewalk.  It was the most beautiful gift she had ever received.  “Thank You.” She lifted up on her toes and kissed him softly.  “Wanna take a ride with me?”

Carlos pulled her closer, kissing her once again.  “I would go where ever you want.”

Isabella’s Swiss Cross Bracelets

Chartrand had seen her admire the bracelet set, while watching her on the cameras.   He had taken to keep an eye on his wife, Mate through out the day.  He was sure she would smack him if she knew, or sicced her father on him.  Though he had a feeling Ernesto would agree with him, as he knows he keeps an eye on Kiernan when he roams through Vatican city.

This was the second time he saw her stop and admire the set.

The moment she moved on, without buying them he put his plan in action.  Taking his lunch break he made his way over to the Vatican Museum, wandering around until he found the particular bracelet set.  He grinned when he realized the small Swarovski Charm was that of a Swiss Cross.

Without hesitation he picked them up, and took the set to the register.  Quickly buying them, he made his way to her office.

“Pierre!”  She smiled at him, excited to see her husband.  He rarely visited her at work, as they both knew how busy they were.

He gave her a shy smile, then set the box on her desk.  “For you.”

She opened the lid, gasping softly.  “I thought of you when I saw them.”  She put them on her wrist, admiring the jangle they made.  With slight tears in her eyes, she stood and made her way around her desk, sliding into her husband’s arms. “Thank you.”

May Birthday Charm Necklace

Ernesto opened the package, and stared at it a few moments.  It was beautiful, something he would’ve bought for any of his daughters.   He looked up at the man sitting across from his desk.

“You do realize I’m not a girl, right?”  Ernesto set the simple necklace, with the Swarovski Emerald Pendant.

Carlos shrugged.  “You and Inez share the same month for birthday, I thought it was fitting.”

Ernesto shook his head, he wasn’t likely to wear it, but Inez thought it was beautiful.  He stood from his desk, and moved towards the small window in the left corner.  He hung it up on the small hook that held the blind cords, letting the sunlight make the crystal shimmer.

“Thank you, my Carlos.”

“Happy Birthday, my little whore.”  He stepped up behind Ernesto, kissing him on the cheek.

Artist Palette Key Chain

Robert wondered how long before Leonardo noticed it.  He had just returned from a conference at Harvard, and had seen the small key chain on sale by one of the clubs on campus to raise money for charity.

He thought of his Mate and bought it instantly.

Almost lost it four times, but amazingly he got it home.

And now it had been sitting on Leonardo’s worktable for five hours.

Robert smiled into his tuna sandwich, and kept typing away on his notes.

“When did you get here?”  Leonardo asked, hand landing on the key chain.  He looked down at it, picked it up studying it.  “Did you get this for me?”


Leonardo laughed, then dug through a box of odd bits, until he pulled up another key chain, this one had a small book dangling off of it.  He handed it to Robert.  “Saw it at one of those farmers market things.”

“We’re saps.” He twirled the book in the air, smiling brightly.

Leonard laughed. “Tell no one.”

Olivetti Handcuff Earrings

The moment Peter saw them, he knew he had to get them for El.  There was no way, she wouldn’t find the humor in them, and would delight in wearing them just to get a rile out of Neal.

The cashier gave him a look, but he didn’t care.  So what if he was grown man buying handcuff earrings, his wife would love it!  At least he was likely to get laid for it, so there!

Eliot was keeping Neal out for a few hours, and Nathan was working with Hardison on a new job.  There were moments, when he wondered how this had become his life, but then realized he loved it.  He was a better person, he had people he loved and those who loved him.

El turned around sensing he was coming, unlike Eliot he couldn’t sneak up on anyone.  It was something he was trying to learn.  He just smiled at her, and held up the small gift bag.

“Oh I love gifts.”  She carefully unwrapped the tissues paper and then squeed when she saw them.  “These are perfect!”

“They have the colors of the Vatican Flag, I was totally thinking of Neal getting arrested by Inspector Olivetti.”  Peter explained with a grin.

“Oh Honey…” She kissed him passionately.  “You are kinky bastard under that cheap FBI suit.”

“I live with three other guys and my wife, I think we went beyond kinky.”  He lifted her onto the kitchen table.  “So how about you wear those and nothing else.”

Vatican Bracelets
(Sold Out)

Isabella bought the set for Mary.  Her sister had come along way since she had Inez, and she figured she would like the simple seed bead bracelets.  One represented their father, with the colors of the Vatican Police.  Another for the Swiss Guard, representing her new boyfriend, Pierre.  And lastly the colors of the Vatican Flag.  She had heard that Pope Pius XVII had met Mary, and blessed little Inez.  It was what had brought her sister to her dorm room, to talk about Papa and what Mama had said these past few years.

E for Ernesto Key Chain

Ernesto looked at the Key Chain, then back up at his Holiness.

“For your birthday!”  Pius sat down across from him.

Ernesto shook it, a small bell like sound came from the rhinestone hitting the stainless steel chain.  “It jingles.”

“Yes so I can hear you coming.”

Ernesto’s head tilted.  “Is this because I bought you an actual bell?”

Pius smiled.

The Head of Vatican Security laughed, as he pulled out his file cabinet keys.  The cabinet he kept his extra weapons, plus sensitive documents.  He made a show of putting the keys on the new key chain, then set them in his desk drawer and shut it.

Pius frowned.  “Sneaky.”

“I learned from the best, where is your bell?”  He gave him a pointed look.

“On Strauss’ Bunny Slippers.”

Irish Field Rosary
Sold Out

It had come on May 29th, addressed to Ernesto Olivetti.  The Inspector had eyed it, and had it scanned.  He had good reason to mistrustful.  When nothing was triggered, he picked up the small box and sat at his desk.  Slicing open the seal, he dug through the bubble wrap until he found a small card.

He turned it over, instantly recognizing the handwriting.

‘A gift from St. Patrick this Day.’ – Patrick

So it would seem Patrick figured out a few things.  He pulled out the organza bag, opening it carefully to let the item fall into his hand.  He leaned back and stared at the multi-colored green rosary, accented with a Celtic Cross.

He ran his fingers over the Our Father beads, the prayer going through his head.  Tomorrow he would have to call his friend and thank him for such a thoughtful gift.

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