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Sylum Updates: Reminders & Odds/Ends

Sylum Updates: Reminders & Odds/Ends

Lots of posts from me today!!

Just a few odds/ends to give an update and discuss.

Sylum Security:  Yahoo is closing on the 15th of December, which isn’t that far away.  We’re moving to for the distribution of the password.  If you haven’t joined the new group please do.

New Group: Sylum Security

Sylum Wiki:  As stated on the Sylum Inspiration – the updates screwed up all the tabs on the wiki.  It works on the Pages but not the posts!  The developer of the plugin we used has disappeared so we’re working out a new system.  If you clicked the link for Aristotle you’ll see the new bio format.  At the moment we’re slowly updating the bios.  We’re focusing on bios with the updated images so far we’ve updated bios in Border and Camelot.  Any Bio used for Sylum Inspiration will be updated before posting, and when we get new images we’ll update the bio.

Sylum Vault: Yes, you just got a post about it, but in typical fashion, just as the post went out we were notified that Etsy was able to get everything put into place to show that the website is updated and secured, so all is good.   So stop on by and check out the new digs.

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