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Sylum Update: Family Arc

Sylum Update: Family Arc


Announcement:  Please READ this CAREFULLY!


There has been some minor edits to this story.

The first set of edits relates to the change in Sylum CANON that Sam Winchester has the soul of Nico’s youngest boy, Theo instead of Meridia.

The second set of edits relates to Hillary not being Mated to Thomas.

We’ve done this to clear up some confusion for those reading the series for the first time.  Especially as these two things were major changes in Sylum Canon.

Edits that need to be done to bring the story inline with the changes made from the 10th Anniversary Clan War will take place once Clan War is finished!  So please do not email us stating that so and so isn’t in the wiki anymore, or in Bonding you stated this and it counters this is in Family.

We’ve only done a very rough run through Family to change:  Sam has the soul of Theo and take out references of Hillary being Thomas’ Mate.  That’s it.  The rest will be adjusted in time.


To read or see the adjustments:  Go to the Sylum Archive





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