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Sylum Update: Blogs & Things

Sylum Update: Blogs & Things

Well I’m back!  Ish.

I’ve been working on a few behind the scenes updates.  There was a lot more behind the scenes updates that needed to be done, than I realized.

Wiki Blog:  After WordPress did their last update a few things broke!  The main problem was the tab function which is on every post, didn’t work anymore.  I waited a bit to see if the theme would get updated and it just hasn’t been, so we’ve uploaded a new theme.  The Wiki has a whole new look check it out!

Sylum Blog:  After WordPress did their last update a few things broke! (Hmmm I think there’s a running theme here) Well on the bright side most of the issues were fixed, mainly the read more cut.  The one thing that hasn’t been fixed is the inability to read comments that have been made.  You can make a comment, reply to a comment, but can’t see said comments.  At the moment I’m looking into updating the theme for the blog – it could use a fresh look.

Sylum Security Yahoo Group:  Oh what can I say about this … many many things.  We’ll start with Yahoo Sucks!  As of December 15th Yahoo Group will no longer exists – why they couldn’t just do this last year I do not know.  So yes, we had to find a new group.  Which hey we did!  Go us.

We made a new Sylum Security Group at (fingers crossed this will stick along longer than a year).  The password at the moment isn’t changing, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t join the group.  As we’re going to be changing the password on a yearly bases for security reasons, so you still need to sign up.

New Group:

A few things about the new group:  It’s easier to use!  There are a few ways to sign in, you don’t have to have a yahoo or google account to do it.  It sends out automatic welcome and monthly reminders (I may have teared up a bit with this one).  And well if at some point we decided to have a ‘discussion board/email’ type thing again – it’s set up for it.

Sylum Archive: For once with all the updates, continued to work in pristine condition *eyes it – this doesn’t mean you can screw up now!* So that one is staying the same 🙂



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