Sylum Top Ten: Top Ten Vampires I Wish I Never Turned

In the beginning there was this story and then it overtook my life. In the early days there were storylines and characters that were added that over time really didn’t fit within Sylum. Some of them just got dusted and never to be seen again. Others I couldn’t quite do that do to the fact they were already integrated into storyline.

I’ll be the first to admit that some of these may shock people and others won’t.

So here is my Top Ten Vampires I Wish I Never Turned:

10. Morgan Le Fey

9. Michael Logan

8. Greg Sanders

7. Alexx Woods

6. Sara Sidle

5. Kyra/Jack as Twins(To clarify I would only have had Jack…not them as a set of twins)

4. Queer as Folk Group (UK/US)

3. Marisol Delko

2. Aiden Burns

And the Number One Vampire I really wish I never turned.

1. Joe Reeves

Shocked? Dismayed? Woohoo when are you going to kill them?

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7 Responses to Sylum Top Ten: Top Ten Vampires I Wish I Never Turned

  1. Miss Paula says:

    I gotta go with…when are you going to kill them. though Greg is pretty entrenched, but would make some lovely angst for Nico.

    • beth says:

      There are some on the list that don’t sound like they would make good vampires but there are some that do.Like Greg ,I can see him as a vampire and driving Nico and who ever his mate crazy while they try to keep him out of trouble.

  2. Jensen says:

    Would you have kept Greg Sanders, Alexx Woods, and Sara Sidle as who they are (their past lives) or would you have changed that too?

  3. ConnieMelissa says:

    if it weren’t for mini Speed…Joe would have been dust in the wind a lonnnnngggg time ago.

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