Sylum Top Ten: Top Ten Sylum Stories You MUST Read!

With the original Top Ten there was the Top Ten Stories in the Guest Archive and Sylum Archive.  Figured this time around try something different.

Listed below is the Top Ten Sylum Stories that are a MUST Read if you are to understand what is going on in the Main Arcs.


10. Libera Nos A Malo – Coming Soon

9. The In-Between – Coming Soon

8. Here I am Lord – Coming Soon

7. The Colosseum Incident – Coming Soon

6. The Darkest Hour

5. Shut Up and Fish

4. Say Goodnight, Not Goodbye

3. To Race Through Dark Places

2. Roads Untravelled

And the #1 Story that Must be Read – and should be read before Re-posting of Family!!

1. Demons and Angels

Have you read these? Curious about the Coming Soon?

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9 Responses to Sylum Top Ten: Top Ten Sylum Stories You MUST Read!

  1. tuckercat2 says:

    I think I read them, but to be sure I will go and read them all again – so trying to be patient waiting on the big story!!!!

  2. ramona says:

    I don´t remember “Demons and Angels” and I can´t find it in the Archive. So: Help, please!

  3. murgy31 says:

    this is awesome~ Are the coming stories going to be advent fics?

    • Nicolaus Meridius says:

      These stories are pretty huge so they’ll take time to be written… But we do have some awesome stories planned for Advent…

      But first up Seven Days of Summer

      • murgy31 says:

        What is the seven days of summer?

        • Nicolaus Meridius says:

          I just did a post actually 😀

          We have three fic events (not including special ones like Family or Evolution) a year.

          Spring Fling which focus on art/fanmix/vids

          Seven Days of Summer which is mostly fic/art

          Sylum Advent which is predominantly fic

          July 1st is the the start of Seven Days of Summer.

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