Sylum Top Ten: Top Ten Awkward Moments in the Sylum Universe

These are those Awkward Moments that have happened in the Sylum World. Yes some of them are still in therapy.

Top Ten Awkward Moments in Sylum Universe

10. Tony being assassinated

9. Waking up naked and dead.

8. Tony being assassinated. Again.

7. Council walks in on Dumbledore pounding into Minerva on the Council Table (If I had to type it y’all had to read it)

6. Tony being assassinated. Again.

5. Nick finding Thomas and Mary Poppins in the kitchen – Not cooking

4. Tony being assassinated. Again.

3. Nick being pelted by rotten vegetables as he walks across the marketplace

2. Tony being assassinated. Again – it just keeps getting more awkward

1. Arthur’s wedding night

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3 Responses to Sylum Top Ten: Top Ten Awkward Moments in the Sylum Universe

  1. Gil Grissom says:

    Other awkward moments:

    *That moment when Jack and Will discover that yes, their baby boy that the raised is indeed all grown up and has sex. Frequently. With a variety of people. And if they don’t knock, they run the risk of walking in on it.

    *The awkward moment where Jack/Will have to explain to baby Lucas why Dad and Papa are playing games where they crawl all over each other naked. (Try explaining that to a seven-year-old genius and have him look at you like he just doesn’t buy what you’re trying to sell him).

    *The moment in Say Goodnight, Not Goodbye (and yes, it will be in there now, with Alien’s need for adding a chapter for character development/relationship building) where Brian walks into Daniel and David’s room and discovers that NO, David did NOT go to the store like he was supposed to, and they need to learn to shut their damn door.

  2. caliadragon says:

    LOL! I love these, though I didn’t need the image of Minerva and Albus burned across my brain.

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