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Sylum Top Ten 15th Anniversary: Bonus Question (Part 1)

Sylum Top Ten 15th Anniversary: Bonus Question (Part 1)

Question: This was the one where I asked if anyone had questions for me.  There was a few so I’ll be breaking this particular question up in a few posts.

How many female assassins are there:

Listed in the wiki:

Aveline de Grandpre

Shao Jun 

Evie Frye

Tamina (though not listed as an assassin she is highly trained)

We have a few more coming into Sylum with an upcoming storyline:

Ysabel Lomelin

Constanza Ramos

Beatriz de Navarrete

Will Blade or Lenny be back?

I’m not sure honestly.  It will depend on storyline, and if it fits for them to return.

Can we kill Undead Larry really bad?

Will John Wick be entering the Sylum Universe?

I actually had been contemplating him for a while.   Recently just saw the films (and kinda hate that I have to wait for Chapter 4 *grrr*)

Yes – storyline is developing for John Wick and his dog

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