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Sylum Top Ten – 15th Anniversary: 5th Question Answer

Sylum Top Ten – 15th Anniversary: 5th Question Answer

Question: Top Ten Favorite Bad Guys

Considering there aren’t that many bad guys, some of the results weren’t shocking yet still were very interesting.

Okay we had a five way tie for positions 9 & 10

Don Jon
Richelieu (though I did have someone ask if we could bring him back just to kill him again :D)

8.  Josh Hickok
7. The Hassassin
6. Imhotep
5. Giles
4. Catherine
3. Jack the Ripper
2. Victor Frankenstein

And # 1 bad guy – Galileo

I do have to say I was shocked not to see Commodus on this list … which likely means he’s going to do something drastic to get on it.

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  1. najean1

    Not shocked at all that Galileo was number one on the enemies list. Although i think Catherine (the Bitch!) would have ranked at least at #2. The more I read about her… Grrr!!
    —-Naj ❤❤

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