Nothing is True. Everything is Connected.
Sylum Reminder: Everything is Connected

Sylum Reminder: Everything is Connected

Just wanted to put out a quick reminder to everyone.

Especially as we’re working on:

  • The new Sylum Archive which means edits and updates to exsiting stories as they are uploaded.
  • Seven Days of Summer is approaching (likely faster than any of us would like)
  • Fassbender Fortnight is in early preparation
  • Sylum Advent which is always lurking in the background
  • Major updates/changes to Border Clan Stories
  • And Clan War … *eyes it*

As stories are being written, edited, and updated – please remember a very important thing.

Nothing is True.  Everything is Connected.

What does that mean?

All these stories are connected.  All these stories ties back around to other stories.  I work with the writers, to discuss storylines and characters, so nothing is random.

If Alex Summers is mentioned in A Scribe’s Tale by Paula Cas – there’s a reason for it.  Not reading A Scribe’s Tale because ‘it’s not your fandom’ means you just missed a hint of other storyline.

Or if don’t read something based in a specific Clan or group of characters you will miss something that will pop up in a larger story arc.

Everything is Connected.

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