Sylum Inspiration: Jacob Frye

Camelot: Hunter


Jacob and Evie are fraternal twins.  They were born in Crawley, in 1868AD.

Their parents moved to the City of London to find work and support their family.  When they were five years old, their mother died of illness, and at twelve, their father was killed in an industrial accident.

Jacob found a job to make sure his sister had food.  She worked right next to him however, refusing to leave him behind.  They supported each other fiercely, and fought anyone who got between them.  Their actions brought them connections with local street gangs who could protect them from the law and potential threats of a less than legal nature.

Jacob moved up the ranks of the fiercest gang, his direct approach and use of brass knuckles taking out all opponents, while Evie always got the ones who snuck out the back.

Fate intervened when they met Nico and Sherlock.  (Dilios Note: Not that I know the two of them were running through London… Nope, not me)

Nico saw potential in both of them. He offered them a chance, and a future.

The siblings took it.

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  1. kittydresden says:

    Love the new post, and am looking forward to seeing him pop up in future works, but I’m pretty sure Jacob and Evie are Fraternal twins Not Fartinal, 🙂

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