Sylum Christmas Card Exchange 2016: List Sent Out

Christmas SAS 2010

Sylum Christmas Card Exchange: 2016


Just to let all those participating that the list has been sent out!  If there are any questions please contact me at

Also for a special treat this Advent Season!  

To celebrate the holidays – it’s Snowing on the Sylum Blog!!

Visit the main page of the blog and wait for a few seconds.

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6 Responses to Sylum Christmas Card Exchange 2016: List Sent Out

  1. billystarpip says:

    I just saw all of these posts, so I missed the card list! Are blog posts only coming through WordPress? hope everyone has a good holiday!

    • Nicolaus Meridius says:

      The blog posts are being sent out via email – also posted to @Sylum_Clan (Twitter) and my Tumblr – I’m not sure why you’re not getting notifications, might want to check spam/junk or see if your email is right on the subscription.

  2. Hello, yesterday, I was robbed of my backpack where I had my things, including my documents, notebook, and Christmas cards for the exchange. I will try to send them this week, but if it did not reach, they will arrive yes or yes, but somewhat delayed

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