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Sylum Character Audition: Final Call

Sylum Character Audition: Final Call

Sylum Character Audition

We’re coming down to the last days for you to send in Character suggestions for Sylum.

We don’t do this too often, so this is a good opportunity to suggest some new characters!

We have got some great suggestions:

Roland Deschain: The Dark Tower


Louise Massart & Henriette: Mystère à la Tour Eiffel


Luis the Camões

Ching Shih

Bass Reeves

We’re still looking for images for to represent these Historical Characters


And then these two snuck in ….

… but not quite the way you think


We’re still taking auditions so … Fill out the form below with character name, clan, position, and relevant links/info.

You can still send potential characters up to <strong>August 30th</strong>.

If we have further questions we’ll email you directly.




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