Sylum Advent 2019: Last Day for Sign Ups

Last Day to Sign Up!  For any of you who were on the edge about doing this … just do it!

What is Sylum Advent? 

Sylum Advent is our Annual Winter Event.  It will start on December 1st and go through to New Years Day, January 1st.

What do you need to do to participate?

You will need to sign up and state what your interested in doing.

Reminder:  If you would like to work on a Sylum story, you will need to contact me with your idea, and I will have to see a draft ahead of time to make edits or notes.  It’s best if you focus on stories that aren’t attached to main characters being used in Arcs or stories by other authors.

If you’re interested in doing a Sylum Story contact me:

How do I sign up?

Reply to this Post.

Just click reply and let us know what your interested in doing, don’t forget to give us your contact info so we can get a hold of you.

Sign Ups close August 31st.  If we do not get your request, by then it will not be included.

Is there a deadline of when the Fic/Art needs to be Finished?


November 3rd: All Banner requests must be in to taibhrigh
November 23rd: All stories, art, fanmixes, videos, etc must be turned into me

I understand life happens, if you realize that you won’t be able to make the deadline or get the story/art done, please let me know ASAP so I can adjust posting schedule.

I have questions?

– Drop a reply to this post with a *FLAIL* *HELP* with contact info and we’ll get back to you.

– Email:

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  1. Jackie says:

    Morning, I’m formally committing to finishing my Joss/Zoe story

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