Sylum Advent 2019: Check In


Found the Muse?  or just bribed it?

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8 Responses to Sylum Advent 2019: Check In

  1. Paula Cas says:

    *Brushes dust off clothes* Finally got things settled. Words have started to appear on document.

  2. Sparrow says:

    Muse what Muse?!?!?

  3. starkindler76 says:

    Had to delay my projects for a few days. I’ve been having muscle strain and pain due to overworking my right hand using my mouse and with typing. I did a lot of fluff bingo stories in addition to other stories I worked on in the last month and a half, lol. It’s getting better, so I’m hoping to be able to work on actual artwork in a couple more days. I’ll keep you posted. 😀

  4. Jackie says:

    Bribery has commenced. Also some questions will be forthcoming.

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