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Sylum Advent 2016: December 30th

Sylum Advent 2016: December 30th


Title: Pedro of Aragon

Author: Bj Jones

Rating: FRT

Author’s Note: For this Advent I decided to do a series of Character Stories.  Basically I picked a Character from each Clan and did a small story of their life.  This was done to showcase other Characters outside the Main Arcs.  The stories aren’t long, 3-5pgs, and a glimpse into their lives.  Some of these stories will be added into larger fics later on, others will stand on their own.   All these characters can be found in the Sylum Wiki.

Sylum Timeline: 2008 AD

Artist: Taibhrigh

Locksley found Pedro in the stables brushing down one of his favorite horses.  He watched for a few moments, as he leaned against the door.  He knew his friend was irritated and pissed off.  When word had reached Integridad about Don Jon’s latest criminal act, Robin knew Pedro would take it personal.

“You keep looking at my ass that way, Azeem is going to do damage.”  Pedro threw a grin over his shoulder at the Clan’s Co-Leader. “Though I can understand, I do have a nice ass.”

Robin chuckled as he stepped inside.  “Considering Azeem was reaming…”

He held up a hand.  “I’m stopping you right there.  I don’t want details, hell I don’t want vague innuendos.”

“How’s he doing?”  Robin petted the Chestnut Andalusian, one from Maximus’ stock.

“Better.”  He ran a hand down his flank, easing over the small wound.  “Few more days of rest, should be good.”

“Want to talk about it?”  Robin glanced over to the older Vampire.  Pedro had been friends with Azeem way before he showed up in Spain.  He had taken Robin under his wing, helped him settled into a country that on most occasions hated him.

“I should’ve Dusted the bastard centuries ago, but a part of me always hoped he would find his way home.” Pedro sighed, moving out of the stall and locking it behind him.  “He’s got the soul of my brother, and he’s abused that fact.”

“You are not responsible for what Jon does.”  Robin pointed out as they made their way back up to the house.  “He’s his own Vampire, and knows full well what he’s doing.”

“And this is the first time in all these years, that he’s Turned someone Without Consent.”  Pedro turned towards the Englishman.  “Never in all this time, and it’s the Chief of Staff to the President of the United States.”

“He went big…”  Robin smirked at the glare he was being given.  “You might not have to worry about him, considering Maximus wants his ass, and Nico has added him to his shit list.”

He sighed, coming to a stop at one of the small gardens.  It was one of Azeem’s favorite places to pray, many times he would find him during evening prayers.  It was peaceful, and though he had stopped following his own faith, Pedro would sit quietly in garden and release the stress of the day.

Sitting on one of the benches, he leaned forward elbows resting on his knees, head in his hands.  “He shouldn’t be their problem.”

“You want to Hunt?”  Robin settled next to him.  “I’m sure Benedict would freak his ever loving shit over the idea, but would join in.”

“I’m Azeem’s War Counsel, I’m perfectly capable of conducting a Hunt!”  He snarled at Robin.

“Then why don’t you?”

“Are you encouraging me to Hunt the son of a bitch down?”  Pedro stood and stared down at him in shock.  “Hunt my own brother?”

“Yes.”  Robin held his gaze easily.  “If anything you should go talk to this Leo, and find out if Jon said anything that would give us any indication of why after all these years, he was suddenly having Children.”

Pedro took a calming breath, and nodded.  “I might just do that.”


He couldn’t say the meeting with Leo went well, but at least he learned a few things about Jon’s motivation.  Mainly, that there wasn’t one.  Frankenstein needed President Bartlet distracted, and he created one.

After a few weeks, Leo warmed up to Pedro.  By the time he left Washington, the two actually could maybe considered friends, or at least have the start of a relationship.  Pedro made sure he knew to contact him at any time.

In the months after the Leo’s Turning, Pedro had taken a trip out to see Maximus at his horse ranch, to discuss Jon and what could be done about finding the bastard.  Pedro had Turned him, and held some responsibility in dealing with the Rogue.

It had been hard to actually call him that, and he was disgusted with himself that it had taken this long to actually call Jon what he was, a Rogue.

Benedict had confronted him about his Hunting, the two had a stare down over wine and cheese.  The Head of Security rolled his eyes, poured himself a glass, stole some cheese, and then demanded to know what Pedro had discovered, plans he had made, and if there was any word on the pansy ass bastard.

Pedro laughed openly.

His Clan may be small, and pain the asses, but they were family.

After a year, Jon upped and disappeared.  There was not even a hint of information about him.  Manuel informed him, that rumors stated that Frankenstein had not been happy on the raid on Raccoon City, and blamed Jon’s lack of security.  From sources the Caretaker refused to name, stated Jon was on the shitlist, and was working with Larry Sizemore, to what end no one had any clue.



He looked up from brushing down his horse, to see Azeem leaning up against the wall.  This was not good.  He gave the horse a few more strokes, and tossed the brush into the pail, grabbing a towel to wipe his hands, before stepping out of the stall.

“What’s happened?”  He asked, getting straight to the point.

“Jon just Turned someone.”  The Clan Leader motioned for them to walk.  “He’s an American, named Michael Westen, lives in Miami.  Sources state he used to work for the CIA.”

“Jon’s recruiting?”  It was the only thing that made sense.

“If so he failed.”  Azeem stopped and faced him.  “I talked to Nico briefly, the only thing he was able to explain, was that the Turning was tied to Larry Sizemore, who’s obsessed with Westen.”

“Do I need to go to Miami?”  He asked.

“Not now.”  He put a hand on his friends shoulder.  “I know this is the best lead you’ve had in over a year, but the CIA is sniffing around and it would seem that Westen has a lot of Vampires around him, including Shadow.”

“I kinda want to meet this guy now,” Pedro smirked.  “Now what?”

“I’ll make sure you get the info, and when things settle, I hear Miami is nice in the spring.”  Azeem gave him a smile, then a pat on the shoulder.  “In the meantime, there’s something I wanted to talk to you about.”

He motioned for his Clan Leader to continue.

“There’s been mumblings through the Clan since That Night, that there are spies within our mists.”  He looked around, then focused back on Pedro.  “I’ve had Robin vetting everyone in the Clan, and that meant you also.”

“I’m not insulted, I would’ve done the same.”  Pedro smirked.

“More like you already have.”

“That too.  Benedict and I worked through the Clan and started looking at others.”  He admitted carefully.

“Good, then what I’m going to ask of you isn’t shocking.”  Azeem took a deep breath, centering himself, which mean it was going to be bad.  “Alexander contacted me, there are too many Rumors about Rogues hiding in Russia, especially after Richelieu re-appeared.”

“You want me to check in with some old friends?”

“Contact Creasy, it’s time he comes home.”


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