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Stories by Gil Grissom – Archived

Stories by Gil Grissom – Archived

*peers out from poofy fur*


I feel like a Tribble.


I did manage to prod my minion into uploading stories to the Sylum Archive.  The following can now be found on the Sylum Archive:


A Break in the Shadows

Of Bondings and New Beginnings

On the Shores of Cape Sounion

The Other Side of the Coin

The Perfect Gift


That brings all the past Advent stories up to date, with the exception of Say Goodnight, Not Goodbye, which is going through rewrites and edits, and will be up ASAP, after edits are done and it’s been beta-read.


NOTE ON PICSPAMS: Advent Calendar Picspams will be deleted as of the 15th of this month, as we begin to get the site ready for the upcoming Advent, so if you want these picspams, please go through and save the images/zip files to your computer. They will not be available after the 15th.

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