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Spring Fling 2021: Day Five

Spring Fling 2021: Day Five

Video: To Race Through Dark Places Teaser Trailer

Vidmaker: Bj Jones

Note: As we’ve updated Clan War, added in Hell Week & Hurricane Season, and as we update Family – To Race Through Dark Places also needed updating, which will include a lot more history, and some surprises.

Disclaimer: As with all the updates and the insanity this past year has been, I can’t say when this will be finished.

Link to Trailer

(Reminder: Must have Password to view)


  1. najean1

    What a great video! And who better to illustrate Ellis than Cobie Smulders? I’m looking forward to reading the re-write of the story. Ah crap, now I’m going to be antsy until it comes out… **G**
    —-Naj ❤❤

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