Seven Days of Summer: Check In

Seven Days of Summer: Check-In

So how’s it going?

Muses up and running?

What do you mean it’s JUNE!


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7 Responses to Seven Days of Summer: Check In

  1. Paula Cas says:

    Got my boys Mated just need to get them home, but they insist on running into trouble along the way. Muse holding bunnies at bay for the moment on #2 though there’s stuff in my brain that will make it to the computer by the weekend. *crosses fingers RL lays quietly in the corner*

  2. Jackie says:

    Working on it!

    *runs down wild plot a la Wild Kingdom and wrestles it to the ground*

    Really, everything is fine!

  3. I’m good. Got one to you. (And I logged in with my fb, because I’m drawing a blank on my WP password and can’t be bothered to brain rn). Got an idea for a timestamp that will fit between ep 1 and ep 2 as sort of an interlude. 😀

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