Seven Days of Summer 2017: Check In

Seven Days of Summer: Check-In

So how’s it going?

Muses up and running?

Tossing bunnies out the window?


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5 Responses to Seven Days of Summer 2017: Check In

  1. Paula Cas says:

    The Muses and their minion bunnies are being kind. Getting the major plot points together. Once I decide on a few more plot points it’ll be time to go back and fill in all the juicy details. Email forthcoming checking out timelines for a couple characters.

  2. starkindler76 says:

    I’m more in “WHY CAN’T YOU PICK ONE DAMN THING TO WORK ON?!?!” mode. *pokes Alien in the ass with a stick*

    • Nicolaus Meridius says:

      Is he doing the ohh Squirrel! thing. Look at all the story lines lets do them ALL!

      • starkindler76 says:

        Yes, he is. And for Every. Single. Fandom. I write in. *faceplants* He’s ridiculous. And Babs is totally not helping.

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