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Seven Days of Summer 2014: Reaction Post

Seven Days of Summer 2014: Reaction Post


This concludes Seven Days of Summer: 2014!

I hope everyone enjoyed the stories and artwork.  Please take the time to let the Authors/Artists know you appreciate their work, as they do not get paid to do this.

Thanks to Gil for the hard work on the coding and building of the Event Pages.

When the stories are moved to the Archive we’ll make an announcement.

Remind: Snag those pic spams while you can!!


  1. Jessica

    Do you know what the worst part of these events are? They end to soon and now I have a need for more. Awesome as always, thank you to all of you who were involved with the art, writing, and the more technical side of things. I especially loved the CSI fics, they remind me why I started reading this universe and why I liked CSI so much. Can’t wait to see more of the stories and the rest of the new and improved ‘verse (I have already had my pirate Brass freak out moment, it’s a good thing I don’t really have immediate neighbors).

  2. Kathie

    Thank you so much. I really enjoyed these stories. The CSI ones were very interesting. I especially liked the Clay/Dean and the Return of Larry stories. The Criminal Minds ones were a nice look at their relationships. Maybe we need one with Tony, Speed, Connor, Murphy, Dean and Sam talking of their escapades in days past. 🙂 In case you are short on ideas, tho not really possible.

  3. Dian

    Thanks to all who gave us these great 7 days of summer. Each day I looked forward to the new stories . Thank you so much for all your hart work be it story or art. And Gil thank you for make it technical possible.

  4. I wrote a review and then lost it when I could not read the prove I am not a robot test. Does this mean I am a robot or maybe I just need new glasses!!

    The stories were awesome! I look forward to the next ones. I am amazed over and over again at how well written and thought out the whole Sylum Clan is and just know the renewed and new continuations of the arcs will be well worth waiting for.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. BD

    I stalk you all, but I figured I would un-lurk for a second. I really enjoyed this, as you did a great job of filling in some cannon CSI with Nico and co. Bravo to you all. I look forward to any new material you produce. And now back to lurking patiently…

  6. Loretta

    Thank you all for the wonderful stories and pictures that were a part of the Seven Days of Summer. So much more is coming to light with each story, it’s like pieces of a puzzle coming together to show the whole and complete picture. It has been great fun watching the pieces fall into place and reveal more of the picture and someday there will be a finished puzzle and wonderful picture. So again thank you all and I can’t wait for some more pieces to show up! Kudos to all.

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