Reminders: Q&A and Spring Fling



Friendly Reminders:

Spring Fling 2015 – Sign ups are open until February 20th.  Please go to this Post for more information and to reply if your interested.

Sylum Tumblr – Yes we have one! Stop by check out the pretties and interesting post and facts about Sylum.  You can submit your own pretties and also ask questions.  You do not need a tumblr account to do any of these things! Follow the Link to the Pretties.  (We just put up a new Character Introduction from Knight Clan)

Sylum 10th Anniversary Q&A: We’ve extended the deadline and will be taking questions up to February 15th.  So you have four more days to ask any question you would like about Sylum, the characters, what goes into creating the universe, questions to the bobs, etc…  If you can’t access the submit form – please just reply to the post.


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