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Reminder: Ask A Pirate!

Reminder: Ask A Pirate!

As we’re prepping for Pirate Appreciation Day, we’re looking for question for our resident Pirates!

So who exactly are our resident Pirates?

Captain Jack Sparrow (The one and only)

William Turner

Joshamee Gibbs

Captain Hector Barbossa (Technically)



Captain Warrick Calhoun (Pirate!)

Jim Brass

Captain Edward Kenway (Fights like a Devil dressed like a Man)

Samuel Axe

So please send the Vampire Gazette your questions and we’ll herd the Pirates (be something akin to herding cats) together to have a panel discussion to answer your questions.

Don’t make me keelhaul all y’alls!!

And for some incentive – sneak peek at some new changes to the 2nd story in the series!


“WILL!” Elizabeth ran to him then stopped as he passed right by her.

Will walked straight to Jack, and pulled him into his arms kissing him fiercely. He knew he probably shouldn’t have, but they both needed the reconnection.  He felt the Bond settling, soothing their aching souls.

Jack stepped back, eyes dancing with mirth and passion. “How did you escape?” he asked casually as if they were the only two on the beach.

“Sea turtles.” Will answered, an old joke between them.

“Hard buggers to tame aren’t they?” Sparrow rolled his eyes, hand reaching out, wanting so much more, instead a finger rested on the hidden item under Will’s shirt.

“Kinda like you.” Will removed the key from his neck. “Is that the chest?”

“Aye, did you see ye father?” Jack asked as they moved back toward the item.

“Yes, I did.” Will nodded ignoring Elizabeth behind him. He really didn’t care what she thought of the situation. “Now that we have the heart we can kill it and free you and him.”

Jack noticed Norrington going for his sword. “Not so fast.”

He looked up at his Mate. “Jack?” Will shifted to see Norrington of all people sword drawn. He had no idea what the former commander was even doing there. He stood, moving next to Jack, hand resting on his own sword.

“I’ll be taking the key, Mister Turner.” Norrington pushed the two away from the chest. “At least now I understand why you left Port Royal.”

“I told you once before Norrington.” Will stepped closer, voice dark and menacing. “My place is between you and Jack.”




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