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Random Post: Advent Stats!

Random Post: Advent Stats!

Fun statistics from Advent!

Clan War 10th Anniversary: 8 Chapters = 1015 pgs (compared to The Original Clan War which was 456 Pgs … which included Loved One Lost)

Hell Week = 203 Pgs

Hurricane Season = 287 Pgs

Artwork = 15 Pieces

Aesthetics = 8 Pieces

Fanmixs = 3

Videos = 6

Stories = 9

New Characters in Wiki = 8  (which all have been posted and added to proper tables in the Wiki) Note: not all characters introduced have been added, as they haven’t been Turned yet.

We had an average of 200 hits per day, though only an average of 7 likes and 2-3 comments.  I know commenting on the blog isn’t the easiest thing, but please let the artists and writers know you appreciate their work.  If you haven’t been able to read/comment on Advent – make sure to leave feedback when the stories and artwork has been moved to the Archive.

Overall, I think this was a good turnout for the 10th Anniversary of Advent!  Now to start plotting for 2020!


To answer a few questions I’m sure y’all have.

Yes, Kate is still alive.  No, she will not be a Vampire.  While I edit Family (which I’m doing as we speak) her new storyline is being showcased.   Which means Ari has been raised from the dead, and is back in the enemy list, waiting to terrorize someone.

Yes we re-mated Gil and Greg, it just seemed to work for them no matter what other options we tried.

I’m sure y’all have more questions concerning new revelations, but all those will be answered in Family and Evolution.   Yes, as stated already, editing is already in the works.


  1. Naj

    Wow! I have enjoyed it all! And am I glad about that… Whew!
    Looking forward to all the changes and new stories coming out. Hoping for more on the Winchesterd. Like I’ve said before, I am Supernaturalling…
    Hugs and Happy New Year to all, especially all the wonderful writers and artists. I appreciate the gifts you give to us with your hard work.
    —-Naj XXOO

  2. Kathie Guazzo

    I have enjoyed the new Clan Wars story line. Do miss parts of the old especially loved ones lost. Glad that Kate is still around but I enjoyed Tony dealing with her family and Ari. I also like the ritual air about his disposal of Joe. Having read as far as the new Clan War story got, I take it Speed and Tony sat quietly in the Secure Meeting room while Jethro and H went off to fight? LOL Waiting for more. I wondered what happened to Family and Evolution on the site. Glad to hear they are getting spiffed up a bit. Thanks for all you do.

    1. Nicolaus Meridius

      I’m a little confused by your comment. “Having read as far as the new Clan War story got, I take it Speed and Tony sat quietly in the Secure Meeting room while Jethro and H went off to fight?” How far have you read into the series? Mainly I ask, because Aftermath which was posted for Advent is the end of the Clan War Arc. And believe me, Tony & Speed were right in the middle of the battle.

      Also – Family and Evolution are still on the old archive. They’ve never been moved over to the new one, due to the fact they had to be edited.

      1. Kathie Guazzo

        My apologies. Somehow I was reading Clan Wars 10th Edition and only got as far as the end of the Clan War chapter. Not sure how I missed that you had posted the finale here. Looks like I have a lot more to read. You are very hard to keep up with it seems like but I love trying. Thanks.

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