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Poll: Sylum Con?

Poll: Sylum Con?

It was brought up to my attention as next year is the 15th Anniversary, that a Sylum Con would be a fun way to celebrate.

If we have one it will be in Los Angeles, likely towards the end of summer/fall 2019.  We’ll need at least 20 people interested, and by interested I mean truly plan to go – not just oh sounds like fun but can’t really make it.  There will be a Con Fee to cover expenses for conference rooms, events, etc.  At this early in the game we’re not sure what that will be, but it would likely start at $100.

As Cons like these are a lot of work, I’m starting this early!  Please fill out the poll below to showcase if you’re truly interested.


  1. Melissa Elsworth

    I would prefer dates over the weekend August or October is better I’ve a con (probably Sept 6-8) and a fiber festival (4th weekend in Sept but can miss if this only time that works) in September personally. Already eyeing trends for flights and train. I SO want to make one way of the trip via the Coast Starlight.

    Also will make this my birthday treat to make sure I have the days for it off 🙂

    1. Nicolaus Meridius

      I’ll take this into account – at the moment it would lean more towards October. A) LA heat is not something to endure B) less tourist season so hopefully better options for hotel/transportation

  2. Val

    As things stand, alas, I live on the other side of the country and couldn’t possibly make it. But it sounds like a lot of fun and I hope the rest of you get to go.

    Interestingly, the one and only con I ever got to go to was in L.A., many years ago. I remember eating all but one of my meals at a nearby Subway because the hotel was kind of pricey and so was most of the food in the area; I also remember going to Universal Citywalk and going to a store which sold nothing but PEZ dispensers – not even the candy, just the dispensers. The store, alas, did not survive. 🙁

    PS – the one time I didn’t eat at subway a friend took me out for sushi because I confessed I had never had it. Where I’m from, we call that ‘Bait.’

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