Personal Post: Review of Conversations in Real Time



Quick Announcement!

When Barnes & Noble posted the book a few weeks back, they kinda forgot to add: the synopsis, about the author, and generally everything about the book.

It’s been fixed!!

So once again, you can find Conversations in Real Time at Barnes & Noble – this time with all the relevant information!!  So if you went and checked out earlier and wondered why it was pretty much blank, this would be why.   Take a second look, now that it’s complete!

I want thank everyone who’s bought the book, please if you enjoyed the story – please leave a review or rate it on where you bought it from – it will help get the word out to other readers.

If you don’t have a Nook and are interested in the book you can find it at these locations:



Smashwords – (Has Mobi format for those with Kindles)


Now for the really cool announcement!  Love Bytes did a review of the book!  Check it out Here!!


Second cool announcement!! I’ve added a section under General’s Office for my Published works.


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  1. I assure you, the review was my pleasure. 😀

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