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Notre Dame

Notre Dame

I’m sure most of you have heard about the devastating fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

As a historian – my heart breaks seeing such a beautiful building engulfed in flames

As a Catholic – it hit home hard

Thanks to all the Firefighters who fought this blaze and won.  The fact the building is standing, the artwork saved, and the holy relics secured … means it will rise from the ashes.

You can’t keep a good Cathedral down.

For Sylum … yes this will enter into storylines.  Notre Dame is a character in herself, and too many characters are connected to her.

Javert and Valjean would be sing Ava Maria with the rest of the Parisians.

Passion Clan would send money for restoration.

Clay would share her agony as she shared his.

Now how’s this for Sylum Irony … A story that is at the moment being worked on is set during this time period, so her tragedy and triumph will now be incorporated into the story.


  1. Sinead Leahy

    My heart broke into a thousand pieces as i watched the spire fall, hoping no one was killed. The healing started as the people started to gather and support. My prayers and thoughts are with the fire fighters and volunteers who got the relics to safety.

  2. Christiane Heid

    I am not catholic, not even a believer, but I’ve been in Paris about 20 times during my life and I always loved to visit Notre Dame de Paris made of this beautiful white stone with those amazing colorful windows formed as a rose and those very high roofs, which let me at least believe in mankind. My heart is bleeding!

  3. I am sad that this has happen to a place of peace and love to so many but I am happy that this sad time will be included in a story line here because I know that your many great storytellers will be able to turn ash back to splendor and for that I say thank you.

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