Nothing is True. Everything is Connected.
McFassy Fortnight: Information & Poll

McFassy Fortnight: Information & Poll

And you thought we were done!

From you can see from the vast amount of Posts!! We have a huge storyline developed for these characters.  This had started off as just a few characters, and suddenly became a Dynasty with it’s own Nexus.

On that note – I thought I would toss out some interesting figures we’ve collected while prepping for McFassii Fortnight.

Michael Fassbender Characters – 16

James McAvoy Characters – 10

Sir Patrick Stewart Characters – 4

Sir Ian McKellen Characters – 4

Chris Pratt Characters – 3

George Eads Characters – 2

Jeffry Dean Morgan

Pierfrancesco Favino (Bastard had to get in there somewhere)

Imogen Poots

They are their own Nexus, but has ties to other Nexuses within Sylum.  So it may seem random, but  …

Nothing is True – Everything is Connected.

Now that you’ve survived McFassy Fortnight, go back and rewatch the video! It will make more sense now 🙂

One last thing … we posted a lot of snippets.  Some small teasers, other’s beginnings of major stories, and a few hot sexy moments.

For Advent we’ll put out the next segment for 2 of 5 storylines we showcased.  Vote for 2 from the list of 5 below.



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